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Circus Baby/Scrap Baby - Elizabeth Afton; F. Freddy - Millicent Fitzsimmons (from the books) Other Funtime animatronics (besides Yenndo)- No showed soul Puppet/L.E.F.T.E (Lefty)-Charlotte Emily Springtrap/Scraptrap-William aftonBaby and Scrap Baby - Like maximum twins they have a competitive sister rivalry with every different. They nonetheless love each and every other however love to shaggy dog story, tesse, and compete with one some other, ceaselessly with Scrap Baby outdoing her in many stuff as it sort of feels the whole thing together with her is greater than Baby's.Like the opposite animatronics, Scrap Baby's endoskeleton consists of a mixture of each robot parts and thick, steel, tube-like wires which might be organized to shape what almost seems like a layer of muscle groups.This is a history sub-page related to Circus Baby and Scrap Baby. 1 Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location 2 Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator 3 Ultimate Custom Night 3.1 Circus Baby 3.2 Scrap Baby 4 Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted 5 Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery 5.1 Available Skins She is situated in the Circus Gallery which is positioned at the back of the Circus Control atCircus Baby, or Baby, is likely one of the Animatronics in Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rentals, and the principle antagonist of Sister Location.. Story Minigame. William Afton created Circus Baby to be the titular mascot of Circus Baby's Pizza World. However, unknown even to Baby, she was programmed to depend kids, and when there was once just one, she would deposit Ice Cream to lure the child up to her

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Scrap Baby is truly very similar to Circus Baby, she has multi-color pigtails and hair like blue, orange, pink, yellow. She has a big pincer on her proper hand, her left hand is an endoskeleton one. She has rollerskates as her ft. She has an orange damaged chest.Chica is among the purchasable characters from Five Nights at Freddy's 1. 1 Appearance 1.1 The Cupcake 2 Mini Game 2.1 Main Mini-Game 2.2 Other 3 Dialogues 3.1 Mini-Game Dialogues 4 Gallery Chica is a shiny yellow animatronic rooster with a spherically-shaped head, orange beak, magenta eyes, and black eyebrows. On the top of her head are 3 "tufts" of feathers. She has two talons fromEndoskeleton is the sixth animatronic persona in the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza category. It prices 500 FazTokens. 1 Appearance 2 Original Role 2.1 Five Nights at Freddy's 3 Gallery 4 Trivia Endoskeleton is solely the internal structuring of the animatronics. He sat as a prop within the behind the scenes digital camera. Add a photograph to this gallery Endoskeleton lacks a Foxy swimsuit up. This is most likely because of Foxy'sThe endoskeletons of Circus Baby, Ballora, Funtime Freddy, Funtime Foxy, Funtime Chica, This may well be observed as evidence that Molten Freddy is what remains of Ennard, whilst Scrap Baby is what is left of Circus Baby after the separation from Michael Afton's rotting corpse. Molten Freddy's unused blueprint within the game recordsdata further strengthen this

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Yeah however Scott provides numerous stuff to his model that we by no means get to see until the BTS pictures pop out. There's still a lot on scrap baby that we've not noticed. However, it's no fling with scraptrap since his design is likely one of the maximum questionable that Scott has made.The Fallen, also known as the Fallen Endoskeletons or just Endoskeletons are primary antagonists in The Joy of Creation: Story Mode, serving as the principle antagonists of the Basement and major antagonists within the Attic. They are doppelgangers that didn't make it to the true global during the Basement. 1 Appearance 2 Behavior 2.1 Basement 2.1.1 Endo B 2.1.2 Endo R 2.1.3 Endo C 2.1.4 Endo F 2.2Like the other animatronics, Scrap Baby's endoskeleton is composed of a combination of each robot portions and thick, metal, tube-like wires which might be arranged to form what nearly looks like a layer of muscular tissues.Scrap Baby appears too in-tact to be merely salvaged parts. If you look at her design, she seems broken, but in some way the place the swimsuit itself has suffered extra damage than her endoskeleton. Take a take a look at the opposite Scraps. Molten Freddy, he most likely discovered the mask someplace, and the remainder is solely wires and eyes.Just like the opposite animatronics, Scrap Baby's endoskeleton consists of a mixture of each robotic parts and thick, steel, tube-like wires that are organized to shape what virtually looks like a layer of muscle groups in her frame.

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FNaF 1Classic Freddy

Classic Bonnie

Classic Chica

Classic Foxy

Classic Golden Freddy: @Catnoirlover1219



FNaF 2Toy Freddy

Toy Bonnie

Toy Chica

Toy Cupcake

Mangle: @Thedragonofcreation

Balloon Boy

Jay Jay

Shadow Bonnie: dieselking2

Paper Buddy

Withered Freddy

Withered Bonnie

Withered Chica

Withered Foxy

Withered Golden Freddy: @Catnoirlover1219

Shadow (Withered) Freddy: @Catnoirlover1219

Puppet: @cs216408


FNaF 3Springtrap @6102sam

Phantom Freddy: shadow_freddy101

Phantom Foxy

Phantom Chica

Phantom Mangle: @Catnoirlover1219

Phantom BB

Phantom Puppet

Spring Bonnie

Golden Cupcake

Paper Freddy

Paper Bonnie

Spring Endo

FNaF 4Nightmare Freddy

Freddles (3)

Nightmare Bonnie

Nightmare Chica

Nightmare Cupcake

Nightmare Foxy

Nightmare Fredbear: @Catnoirlover1219


Nightmare Mangle

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Nightmare Endo



Fredbear: @Catnoirlover1219

New Spring Bonnie (Scraptrap in the end confirmed that)

Shadow Fredbear (un-confirmed)

Shadow Spring Bonnie (un-confirmed)

Sister Location(that is the part when you begin to get brought on)

Circus Baby


Funtime Freddy

Bon Bon

Funtime Foxy: @roomgr86

Bidybabs (1 Purple eyed, 6 Blue eyed)

Electrobab (Yellow eyed)

Minireenas ( 8 Normal one's, 50??? Eyed/No-Tutus one's )

Little Joe


Gypsy (un-confirmed)

Baby Head's (un-confirmed)


Baby Endoskeleton

Ballora Endoskeleton

Freddy Endoskeleton

Bonnie Endoskeleton

Foxy Endoskeleton

Bidybab Endoskeleton



Lolbit: @Catnoirlover1219

Circus Pre-Ennard-Mask (un-confirmed)

Pre-Ennard-Mask Endoskeleton (un-confirmed)

Spring Chica/Unknow Animatronic

Ennard Spaghettih Form (un-confirmed)

Darkp Springtrap (un-confirmed)

Beta Funtime Freddy (un-confirmed)

Beta Funtime Foxy (un-confirmed)

FFFPSScrap Baby


Molten Freddy


Rockstar Freddy

Rockstar Bonnie

Rockstar Chica

Rockstar Foxy

The Parrot

El Chip

Funtime Chica

Funtime Cupcake

Music Man

Nedd Bear

Mr. Hippo

Happy Frog

Pigptach (oink)


Security Puppet

Bucket Bob

Mr. Can Do

Mr. Hugs

No. 1 Crate

Pan Stan

Cleaning Bucket (un-confirmed)


Candy Cadet (sweet)

New Paperpals (3) (Un-Confirmed)

Lemonade Clown (un-confirmed)

Fruit Punch Clown (un-confirmed)

Gumball Swivelhands (un-confirmed)

Neon Jukebox (un-confirmed)

Prize King (un-confirmed)

Egg Baby (un-confirmed)

Unwithered Scrap Baby (un-confirmed)

Unwithered-MoltenFreddy-Mask (un-confirmed)

Minigame Puppet (un-confirmed)

Scrap Baby Endoskeleton

Unwithered-MoltenFreddy-Mask Endoskeleton (un-confirmed/same as Funtime Freddy?)

Rockstar Endoskeleton (un-confirmed)

Funtime Chica Endoskeleton

Funtime Cupcake Endoskeleton (un-confirmed)

Music Man Endoskeleton (un-confirmed)

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