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Steps by way of the Big Book. Downloadable crew workbook spouse to the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), for adults who desire data on alcoholism and dependancy restoration. Immediately helpful and free. No demands, best suggestions!Step 10 - Continued to take private inventory and once we had been incorrect, promptly admitted it. Big Book, page 84 This idea brings us to Step Ten, which suggests we continue to take non-public inventoryThis AA Morning Step Work Sheet is designed for inexperienced persons or any person who needs to start out every day off in some way that can indubitably set them up for a brand new & better existence. AA Morning Step Work This Trigger List is designed for newcomers or any individual who has never written down the ones issues that…Was I… RESENTFUL? Of who? SELFISH? How? DISHONEST? How? FEARFUL? Of what? Am I obsessing about anything? Was I type and loving towards all? What may I have doneDisplaying most sensible 8 worksheets found for - 10 Step. Some of the worksheets for this idea are Step endured to take non-public stock and when we, 10th step work, Writing for lately, Aas 12 steps including robust, 4th step work, 10th step day-to-day stock, Fourth step stock, Working step 4 in narcotics nameless.

PDF Step 10 - Continued to take personal inventory and when we

‎Tenth Step nightly inventory app that was created by way of participants to assist simplify their daily inventory. It doesn't get more uncomplicated than this. Reflect on ten yes or no questions on the end of your day that can assist you entire your 10th Step inventory. Inventories are saved and saved via date. Optional device withi…morning stepwork (this paintings is best achieved when read out loud) iwillstartmydaybyreadingoneparagraphfrommybigbookor12&12 (doitnowninety STEP TEN make all the other hours of our day higher and happier. And at duration our inventories turn into a regular a part of ev-eryday dwelling, rather than something peculiar or set aside.Microsoft Word - 10th-step-worksheet.document Author: Kurt Kopf Created Date: 4/6/2013 6:28:54 PM

PDF Step 10 - Continued to take personal inventory and when we

Worksheets - 12 Step Work

The Tenth Step, in many ways, is the observe of Steps 4 through 9, however on a continuous basis. Do a "spot-check" stock, acknowledge faults to someone else, be keen to remove shortcomings, ask HP for guidance, resolve if we've harmed someone with our habits and make amends.Step 10 of Alcoholics Anonymous makes a speciality of making self-examination a addiction. Learn extra in regards to the 10th step.To open PDF information, you will need Adobe Reader or identical device. Adobe Reader is unfastened and secure to obtain/set up. Idiot's Guide "Old" Sponsorship Guide: The Sponsorship Guide is your syllabus during your 12-step route the usage of the Idiot's Guide Below, are the Idiot's Guides for the habit/issue you might be addressing.Na Step 10 - Displaying top 8 worksheets discovered for this idea.. Some of the worksheets for this idea are Step persisted to take non-public stock and once we, The narcotics nameless step working guide, 10th step paintings, Working step four in narcotics anonymous, 4th step paintings, 12 step paintings questions, Fourth step stock, First step work.Displaying most sensible 8 worksheets found for - Aa 11th Step. Some of the worksheets for this idea are eleventh step paintings, Resentment stock prompt, 10th step work, Writing for nowadays, Step endured to take personal stock and after we, Twelve steps, Nightlyreviewthe11thstep whenwe, Aas 12 steps including robust.


This AA Morning Step Work Sheet is designed for learners or any person who needs to begin each day off in a way that may definitely set them up for a new & better life.

AA Morning Step Work

This Trigger List is designed for inexperienced persons or any individual who hasn't ever written down those issues that would possibly cause either drinking, drugging or performing out in some way that hurts them or others.

Trigger List

The Powerless List is designed for novices or anyone who has never written down those things that they really feel powerless over but have found they have a habit of hoping or seeking to change.

Powerless List

This Unmanageable List is designed for newbies or any individual who hasn't ever written down those things that are overwhelming their lifestyles, developing eventualities wherein there may be such a lot “stuff” that they may be able to’t appear to take care of it. This is the place lifestyles feels unmanageable.

Unmanageable List

This is 4th Step Resentment Inventory is designed for rookies or any individual who needs to do a forth step out of the Big Book. The only exception to the Big Book’s instruction is a fifth column, whereby we determine what we will do in a different way at some point.

4th Step Resentments

This is 4th Step Harms Inventory is designed for novices or anyone who wishes to do a forth step out of the Big Book. The handiest exception to the Big Book’s instruction is a 5th column, wherein we establish what we will be able to do in a different way someday.

4th Step Harms

This is 4th Step Fears Inventory is designed for beginners or someone who needs to do a forth step out of the Big Book. The only exception to the Big Book’s instruction is a fifth column, wherein we establish what we can do differently at some point.

4th Step Fears

This is 4th Step Sex Inventory is designed for novices or any person who needs to do a forth step out of the Big Book. The simplest exception to the Big Book’s instruction is a fifth column, wherein we identify what we will be able to do otherwise someday.

4th Step Sex

This 6th & seventh Step Worksheet is implausible for newbies or someone who needs to do formally paintings these steps via spotting the nature defects which might be affecting us every day, and then requesting our HP to assist remove them from us. If working a step-a-month program, I recommend the use of those sheets as your number one step paintings for June & July, along side reading Drop the Rock (See Spiritual Backpack link).

4th Step Character Defect Checklist

This sheet was once created through Chris Ok as an accessory to the 4th step to be able to identify the character defects that played a part in every item from our 4th step. It’s an implausible option to simply move into steps 6 & 7.

sixth & 7th Steps

This 8th Step Worksheet is improbable for rookies or someone who wishes to do officially paintings these steps by carefully cleansing up their aspect of the street, thereby eliminating emotions of disgrace, guilt, regret, resentment, and self-pity. Remember, this is simply the checklist! Writing it down does not mean you’ll be making an amends, that’s to discuss with your sponsor first. This simply shows your willingness. Also, for any amends involving one thing that could harm you or others if it was once read through any individual (cheating, lying, stealing, crimes, and many others), it’s HIGHLY suggested to write down in code (i.e., as an alternative of “robbed ABC bank on 12/14/89” write “took a pen from the financial institution”, or as a substitute of “slept with the neighbor”, in all probability “took the pen from my neighbor”). This can save numerous heartache and pain (consider me). Included in these sheets is detailed directions, a Blank 8th Step Sheet, a Category Sheet to cause memories, and Assets/Gratitude Sheet. If operating a step-a-month program, I counsel the use of these sheets as your primary step paintings for August, together with studying You Can’t Make Me Angry (See Spiritual Backpack link).

Step 8 Worksheets

There is no Step 9 worksheet, as it is a step that must be made to the person(s) now we have harmed. I in finding that it’s VERY important to move over your Step Eight listing with a sponsor or different 12 Step member that has worked all of the steps – any person whom you believe for route. I first lend a hand my sponsees decide which amends should be made, and which shouldn’t. This is made up our minds basically via analyzing the underlying motivation at the back of the desire (or discomfort) to make the amends.  Then when we've got a cast listing that we each really feel proper about, many of the amends must be made in particular person, face to face. However, there will be some that can not, or must not, be made face-to-face. Alternatives could be by means of telephone, e mail, text, letter, etc. I urge my sponsees to attempt diligently to search out those that we feel an amends must be made to, the usage of all sources to be had, including the internet, Facebook, pals, and so forth. Again, these decisions and actions should, for my part, simplest be made with the help of any person experienced in the program. I’ve connected the Step Nine from the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions, one thing that may get advantages us all sooner than attempting to practice this step.

12 and 12 -Step 9

Step 10 is, in my opinion, a life-long step, as many of our steps are. This is where we start to use the entire experience of having labored the prior Nine steps, as a foundation for daily living. I believe day by day journaling an intrinsic a part of running this step. It is only by way of analyzing myself regularly, that I will find what is working well in my life (and grow that), and what behaviors I’m enticing in which can be perhaps now not so loving towards me and others (and paintings on reducing those). My private means of journaling is to first write the date, then the bodily location I am at, then what has been going down in my life since my closing access (or at least within the last 24 hours of my life). During the writing I ensure that I read about my movements to see if I have harmed someone, and write about my section. If I in finding that I've harm somebody, even by chance, I stop writing and generally pick out up my cell phone and make direct amends (unless I'm with regards to them and can do it in person). I finish my day by day entry with my gratitude listing, adopted this present day, via xoxo Mom, xoxo Christopher, xoxo Grandma. Those are my 3 angels that only are living in my center now (mother, child brother and g-ma). I buy journals that are comfortable, with thicker traces, and now not too heavy to hold in my spiritual backpack. Initially, I be offering my sponsees some 10th step worksheets to get them into the addiction of the step.

10th Step AM PM

10th Step Reading10th

Step Questions

Step 11 is so private that I'm tempted to not offer any ideas. However, I will be able to tell you a little about my personal quest for for a connection with a Higher Power. I didn’t develop up in a non secular circle of relatives. My dad necessarily advised me that God is love, after I requested him a couple of higher energy.  When I was in faculty I took a direction on religious studies. As part of the direction I was to immerse myself in a few religions, and write reviews about them. I first joined a bible study staff on campus, and of course was once the thorn in everyone’s side – at all times wondering the whole lot, pointing out discrepancies and appearing how a refined shift in the interpretations of the words led to a completely new meaning. Then I lived with at the Robertson location of Hare Krsna for 2 nights. I worked in the kitchen with them, prayed with them, and solicited donations with them. Those experiences left me feeling that there was once surely some just right things contained in quite a lot of religions, however the aspect of wanting someone else to outline my upper power and tell me how I must connect to God was one thing I wanted no part of. Don’t get me flawed, I have a lot of sponsees that love being a part of a religious organization, and it makes their life richer as a result of it. But some of the biggest items of the 12 step programs is that it lets in every of us to decide they type of religion we wish in our lives. My type turned into a deep, non-public dating with a God of my not-understanding. And it took rather awhile. In truth, it wasn’t until around the 10th 12 months of sobriety that I got uninterested in not having this factor referred to as a Higher Power. Until that time, the program and fellowship was once kind of like my Higher Power. It changed sooner or later when, driving alongside the Pali in Maui, I heard a radio announcer say “Hey folks, you need to understand what God is? I’ll tell you what God is. God is a make-believe good friend for grownups. That’s what God is.” In the moment of listening to that I spotted that I can have that. I could makeup what God is to me. When I subsequent journaled, I wrote down “If God had been actual, right here’s what I would wish God to be like…” And that was the God I began having a friendship with. Each folks has our personal trail to spirituality, and I beg you to take what I’ve mentioned and go away the remainder – it unquestionably gained’t paintings for everybody. But that’s my little tale of finding a Higher Power. I can let you know that, having found a Higher Power, and now having a dating with God, has make my life both more uncomplicated and more relaxing. I talk to my HP at all times now. Here’s what the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions has to say about Step 11.

12 and 12 Step 11

Step 12 assumes that we’ve had a Spiritual Awakening. This used to be tough for me as a result of, as I’ve instructed you, I had trouble with the idea that of God for the first 10 years of sobriety. Not best that, it took reasonably awhile to finish all of the other Eleven steps (having gone to only a few meetings and having had no sponsor all over my first 7 years of abstinence). As such, I was not able to do the second part of this step (observe the foundations), or the 3rd section (elevate the message). However, sooner or later I did find a Higher Power. And even though, looking back, it could not be until a few years that I feel I truly began working this system regularly in my lifestyles, I did start carrying this message to others at round 10 years sobriety. I did it at first by sharing and being of carrier at conferences, and then ultimately sponsoring others (which got me to start studying the Big Book steadily). I did the 12 Step paintings from attachment underneath for a few years, and periodically do it once more each few years. I’ve additionally shared it with many sponsees, who have mentioned they found it helpful. Enjoy!

12th Step Worksheets & Cards


Self-Love Affirmations

The path via recovery led me to a sponsor (who is no longer with us) that advised me to find a way to actually love myself unconditionally. He prompt the usual “Look in the reflect and say ‘I love you James’ each morning, till I in spite of everything truly did love myself. It took me simply over a yr, but I in spite of everything got it. Recently I used to be taking a look on-line and located some nice self-love affirmation images to print and submit on my reflect to learn and job my memory of ways a lot I love being me. Click at the link above and revel in!

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