Finally: Alisa Childers believes that the Bible is the foundation for the Christian life. However, once again, she is contradicted (satirically) via the scriptures - particularly her favouriteAlisa is a NPC found within the Spookyville of Life Mode. She can also be found via traveling to Spookyville after which going proper two times. She is shown to be beside Casper. Alisa has lengthy, rather wavy blue hair fading into a child crimson. She has emerald green eyes, a floppy pink wizard hat with yellow and blue highlights and a yellow superstar. Her wings are pink and accented with yellow, and he or she wears aMusic video via Elissa appearing Faker (Audio)إليسا - فاكرDownload " Faker " from Elissa's Asaad Wahda :كلمات هذهAlisa (Russian: Алиса) is a Russian hard rock band, which is considered one of the vital influential bands in the Russian rock movement.Elissa new album 2014 - 2015 Halet Hob newly released this music is from her new album.Music by way of Ziad BorjiLyrics by way of Ahmad Bou Madi

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The newest tweets from @AlisaAmore1Alisa Numerology Analysis; Successful in Business , Prescient , Discreet , Athletic. Acrostic Poem About Alisa. A is for Awesome, that is what we expect you are, L is for Laughter, not anything is as infectious as yours, I is for Inspirational, your have an effect on on others.The name Alisa method Form Of Alicia Or Elisa and is of English starting place. Alisa is a reputation that's been used basically by means of oldsters who are making an allowance for child names for ladies. Find out extra about the name Alisa at newest tweets from @alisaanwar27

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Elissa - Faker (Audio) / إليسا - فاكر - YouTube

Origin of the title Alisa: A variant type of Alicia (nobility). Variant form of Alice (nobility), a name which developed thru a sequence of variants from the Germanic Adalheidis (noble one, nobility). Alternatively, the title Alyssa can also be derived from the name of the alyssum flower.Once once more Alisa's voice can also be heard inside a Japanese late-night drama. The track "How to Live" can be a part of NHK's "Koko wa Konya kara Rinri desu" which is able to broadcast at the Channel One broadcaster at 23:30 from 16th JAN 2021 JST for eight episodes. 2021.03.17Horror-themed Action Adventure recreation called Alisa. A real throwback to the golden age of 90s 3-D video games.The newest tweets from @actuallyalisaAlisa ▼ as a ladies' name is pronounced ah-LEE-sah. It is of Hebrew origin, and the that means of Alisa is "great happiness". Also a variant of Alicia. Also type of Alice.

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Shiina Alisa


椎 (しい) 名 (な) ありさ


Shīna Arisa




December fifth







Affiliations: Relatives: Omega Debut: Image Gallery

Shiina Alisa (椎 (しい) 名 (な) ありさ, Shīna Arisa; "Alisa Shiina") is the announcer and referee of the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament.[1]


Alisa is a beautiful curvy lady with a stern look and a ponytail haircut. As a referee, she wears a complicated evening dress.


Alisa possesses a charisma that allows her to entertain and hype up the whole lot of attendees at Mt. Godslayer. As a referee she could be very severe and company.


Alisa was once born in Togichi. At some level, she turned into the referee of Purgatory.


Alisa formally introduced the beginning of the Kengan Association VS Purgatory Tournament, calling it "a battle of the sundered nation".[1] She entered the degree as the competition's referee.

Notes & Trivia

Sandrovich made her a lady since the referees from the Kengan Association are mostly men. She was once designed as the opposite of Katahara Sayaka, having light pores and skin and darkish hair. She is the cousin of Shiina Karen, a deliquent from Tochigi and a character of How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift.


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