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This subreddit is devoted to the Japanese manga and anime sequence Hunter X Hunter, written by Yoshihiro Togashi and tailored by means of Nippon Animation and Madhouse. Any type of entertainment, data, or dialogue focused around the world of HxH is welcome right here.Also known as the Clown, Hisoka is one of the antagonists of the Hunter x Hunter collection. He served as a member of the Phantom Troupe at one level within the collection, even if his motives have all the time been other from the remainder of the participants.. RELATED:Hunter X Hunter: 5 Superheroes Gon Can Defeat (& 5 He Can't) Hisoka is quite tough, strong enough to tackle one of the crucial strongest of charactersGotoh used to be basically his friend, we see it pretty much each time the 2 talk with every other. Killua does not find out about Gotoh's dying, so the Kiriko will continue to fake to be Gotoh, and Killua doesn't damage down, take a look at him with Gon, it would simply be a repeat of that.Aug 26, 2016 - Gotoh Killua zoldyck and alluka zoldyck Hunter x HunterDetails File Size: 10187KB Duration: 10.750 sec Dimensions: 498x280 Created: 9/6/2020, 12:28:11 PM

Hunter x Hunter: 5 Characters Hisoka Can Defeat (& 5 He Can't)

A listing of characters who have gave the impression in the Hunter × Hunter manga and anime. Warning! Spoilers ahead! Main Charactersnote Gon Freecss, Killua Zoldyck, Kurapika Kurta, Leorio Paradinight, Hisoka Morow Hunter Associationnote …[HunterxHunter] Hisoka kills GotohKiriko (凶(キ)狸(リ)狐(コ)()()()()()()()12 or キリコ,3 Kiriko) are Magical Beasts that can change their own bodily appearance.1 1 Appearance 2 Behavior 3 Plot 3.1 Hunter Exam arc 3.2 Greed Island arc 3.3 thirteenth Hunter Chairman Election arc 4 Abilities & Powers 5 Trivia 5.1 Miscellaneous 6 Translations across the World 7 References 8 Navigation In their normal form, the Kiriko areHisoka Morow (ヒソカ゠モロウ, Hisoka Morou) is a Hunter and previous member #Four of the Phantom Troupe; his bodily strength ranked 3rd within the staff. He is all the time in search for strong warring parties, and would spare those who have nice potential, equivalent to Gon and Killua to ensure that them to get robust enough to actually challenge him. He originally served as the main antagonist of the

Hunter x Hunter: 5 Characters Hisoka Can Defeat (& 5 He Can't)

Gotoh's grave scene : HunterXHunter

Gotoh cared about Killua as though he used to be his personal son, from what we've got seen it sort of feels like Killua cared about him too, more then most participants of the Zoldyck property. They gave the look to be beautiful cool with eachover. Killua may really feel as if he's responsible if he knew. Technically he is the oblique reason, he broke out Alluka which ended in all that dramaHunter X Hunter is an all-time great in relation to Shonen anime, and its colorful solid of supporting characters is a large reason why for the sequence' success. Each chapter of the near-One hundred fifty episode collection introduces new and memorable characters, all of whom possess their own unique design, persona, abilities, and motivations.Episode 140. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes corresponding to criticism, comment, information.Jun 6, 2017 - This Pin used to be found out through 💗Mrs. Phantomhive💗. Discover (and save!) your personal Pins on PinterestHere are the entire named personality deaths in the Anime SPOILERS AHEAD 1. Mathew death by way of monster 2.Johness dying by Killua 3. Togari dying through Hisoka 4. Siper demise by way of Illumi 5. Goz death by Illumi 6. Agon death via Hisoka 7. Geretta demise by Hisoka 8...

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"My greatest pleasure comes when such people crumple to their knees and I look down upon their disbelieving faces as their plans fail.♥"

— Hisoka Morow to Chrollo Lucilfer in "Troublesome"

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Hisoka Morow




Hisoka Morou

Also known as Japanese Voice English Voice Manga Debut Anime Debut Gender Male Eye Color

Blue (1999) Yellow (2011)

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Blue (1999) Red/Fuchsia (2011)

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Bungee Gum Texture Surprise

Image GalleryHisoka Morow (ヒソカ゠モロウ, Hisoka Morou) is a Hunter and previous member #4 of the Phantom Troupe; his bodily power ranked third in the workforce. He is always in search for sturdy warring parties, and would spare those who have great possible, reminiscent of Gon and Killua to ensure that them to get robust enough to if truth be told problem him. He firstly served as the primary antagonist of the Hunter Exam arc and a secondary one of the most Heavens Arena arc, ahead of becoming a supporting character right through the Yorknew City arc and Greed Island arc. During the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc, he in short reprises his role as a secondary antagonist.


Hisoka's look is similar to that of a magician or jester. He is tall and has gentle pores and skin and an overly muscular body. His apparel is most often embellished with quite a lot of suit symbols (♦/♦ ♣/♣ ♥/♥ ♠/♠) on the front and back torso, and he changes outfits in every story arc. He wears face paint of a celebrity (★) on his proper cheek and a teardrop (💧) on his left cheek, and prefer his attire, in the 2011 anime, his face paint additionally occasionally adjustments colours. During the Greed Island arc, Hisoka wears the Greed Island Ring on his left heart finger. And in the 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc, Hisoka wears a pair of earrings with ornamental hearts. For unknown causes, Hisoka has lengthy, pointed nails, giving his palms a claw-like look, hinting at his sinister nature.

In his first appearance in the 1999 anime collection, Hisoka's hair is blue. After a revamp of the display, it was changed with a purple or almost neon red color to be according to the manga. In the 2011 anime, Hisoka has red hair and light amber eyes. In the manga, during the Yorknew City arc, Hisoka dyes his hair light green. These dynamic diversifications in look illustrate the complexity of his personality.


The other side of Hisoka

Hisoka is portrayed as totally self-serving, self-absorbed, and egocentric; he does no matter he likes so long as it pleases him by some means. His insatiable love for spilling the blood of powerful combatants in fight and his enjoyment of extreme ache whilst doing so fuels his seemingly sadomasochistic desires. In order for them to develop to their full possible (in an effort to give a boost to the pleasure of killing them later), Hisoka allows the primary protagonists to live in scenarios in which he's simply able to kill them. Likewise, he grows excited to satisfy new other folks he deems worthy of combating or somebody with the prospective to be a good fighter and entertain him in the future. The thrill of preventing sturdy Nen users in tactical battles and near-death stories is an orgasmic revel in for him. It is without doubt one of the the explanation why he goes out of his approach to find new toys to play with. If they ruin, he both loses pastime or kills them earlier than going out to seek out more possible prey.

With his manipulative and self-centered nature, Hisoka is essentially a murderous sociopath. While he does like Gon, Killua, and lots of others, he has mentioned that for him, what is efficacious someday may just easily change into trash the next, and he'll not hesitate to kill someone must they no longer meet his standards. He does not handle what has took place previously, as he is best concerned about what could be a laugh to him sooner or later or present. While Hisoka's nature tends to be malevolent, he isn't an indiscriminate killer. He has no problems killing any person without reference to age or intercourse; on the other hand, he simplest kills people who find themselves in his manner or those he deems "worthy". As such, his persona is extra merely amoral than flat out evil. He even assists the protagonists if there's "fun" in doing so or if it will lead them to stronger resulting in a more entertaining combat at some point. Above all else, Hisoka cares most effective about having fun and a excellent challenge which would possibly or would possibly not contain killing other folks. He has an uncongenial addiction of skipping out on Spider conferences. He also is usually a whimsical liar and tends to freak out or play merciless jokes on his sufferers. Just witnessing their uncomfortable expressions as a result of him getting under their pores and skin pleases him. His chaotic nature is inherent in the entirety he does and makes him dangerously unpredictable.

Hisoka turns into immensely excited to struggle

Hisoka has displayed a morbid attraction to combat powerful combatants, or other folks with Nen who've the potential to turn into robust, which is expressed via slightly repressible murderous inclinations; neither age nor gender do seem to influence his want to battle them. He has expressed a want to battle or kill random victims just to satiate his bloodlust. After his defeat at the hands of Chrollo, Hisoka's sociopathic nature has taken itself to worse heights by means of vowing to kill all of the individuals of the Phantom Troupe even if they were defenseless and claiming he's going to now not let his combatants fight of their most well-liked conditions. However, he did temporarily spare Machi, who has been an implied pastime of Hisoka's as a possible opponent he likes to flirt with or as a romantic hobby, even if he mentioned it was once so she may warn the Troupe of his intentions.

Hisoka regularly shows androgynous traits all over the collection, manifested in his dressed in of "women's" footwear and using an alluring speech taste normally reserved for women folk in Japanese. In the manga, he ends just about each sentence with a swimsuit image.

Hisoka and Killua's response to Gon's honesty

Despite his calm and composed persona, he can categorical his emotion comically in some situations. An example is when Gon turns into truthful and relatively innocent about his query of why Hisoka used to be in Greed Island. Another instance is his stunned face when he learns he could now not struggle Chrollo after Kurapika's Judgment Chain.


Hisoka's favorite gum

Hisoka speaks little of his previous as a result of he is uninterested in it.[6] It is printed, however, that Hisoka joined the Phantom Troupe as a false member someday after the Kurta massacre, and about two years before the events in Yorknew City, after defeating the previous #4.[7] Around the same time, he "initiated" Kastro to Nen on the Heavens Arena, sensing attainable in him.[8] He then took phase in the 286th Hunter Exam, during which he murdered 20 examinees. He used to be disqualified for nearly killing an examiner right through his first strive.[1]

Hisoka's favourite stickers

It is claimed that he named either one of his techniques after a sweet brand and a chewing gum emblem he appreciated when he was a child,[6] implying that they will had been named "Texture Surprise" and "Bungee Gum" respectively.


Hunter Exam arc Hisoka's appearance in the Hunter Exam

Hisoka, applicant #44, is noticed as a heavy contender right through the Hunter Exam. He first appears as every other applicant bumps into him with out apologizing; in a while later on the applicant's hands are severed and got rid of from his body. Tonpa explains to Gon, Kurapika, and Leorio that he failed the previous 12 months's exam after just about killing a proctor he did not approve of.[1] He effortlessly assists in keeping up with Satotz when the first trial begins.[9] When they reach the Milsy Wetlands and a Man-faced Ape tries to cross himself off as the real examiner, Hisoka throws cards at both him and Satotz, killing the monkey, while Satotz blocks his assault, main Hisoka to declare he is the true proctor. The incident rouses his appetite for murder and, when the fog descends, he "plays examiner" and assaults the encompassing applicants, among which are Kurapika and Leorio, with the intent to kill.[10]

"Yes! You pass too. ♥ Become a good Hunter, okay?♣" Hisoka playing examiner with Gon

Numerous examinees gang encompass him however he dispatches them without effort, until most effective Cherry, Leorio, and Kurapika remain. The three split up and run away, which Hisoka judges a good move. He starts to count down from ten, but Leorio returns to fight him. The magician simply dodges his strike but is all of sudden struck via Gon's fishing rod. He praises the boy and knocks out Leorio, and, when Gon tries to intervene, frivolously clutches his throat. He determines that both Leorio and Gon will make nice Hunters. An examinee known as "Gittarackur" contacts him to lead him to the website of the Second Phase, and Hisoka leaves with the unconscious Leorio on his shoulder.[11] He kills any beast that attacks him as well as Cherry and makes it to the positioning of the second one trial. He shoots his bloodlust at Gon to permit him to find Leorio. At Buhara's request, he slays and chefs a Great Stamp.[12] He is, on the other hand, stumped when Menchi calls for to be served sushi. He fails her first check,[13] but passes the amended one.[14]

When Satotz, Menchi, and Buhara discuss the batch of examinees, Buhara picks Hisoka as his most sensible contender and notes that he released the biggest quantity of adverse aura right through Todo's outburst. Menchi and Satotz verify that he continuously exuded bloodlust as if to provoke them. The latter also remarks that Hisoka is their equivalent and bears gazing. Meanwhile, the magician makes a area of playing cards and, when he's performed, knocks it down, chuckling loudly.[15] In the Third Phase, Hisoka is concentrated via Togari for having just about killed him all over the former Hunter Exam. Hisoka, on the other hand, catches his spinning blades and beheads him, expressing his sadness. He is the first to cross throughout the Trick Tower, having taken 6 hours and 17 minutes.[16]

Gittarackur is published to be a comrade of Hisoka

For the Fourth Phase, the rest examinees are shipped to Zevil Island with a view to participate in a week-long manhunt among themselves to seize their respective target's number plate. He is the primary to disembark, because of his score in the previous trial.[17] Hisoka spends his first two days on Zevil Island in idleness. Gittarackur provides to tell him who his target is, however he declines, pointing out he'll just take three random tags. His wounds attract hemotropic butterflies that feed on blood, main his "predator", Gon, to him.[18] Hisoka fails to sense him, but detects Goz hiding within sight, who challenges him to a duel. Despite working out his opponent is death and that he wants to end his life as a warrior, Hisoka does not battle back, since he is "uninterested in the dead". Gittarackur then appears and finishes Goz off. Hisoka realizes he made up our minds to honor the dying man's remaining request. Gittarackur arms him some other examinee's quantity plate. When night time falls, Hisoka comes to a decision to get himself two other tags.[19]

Hisoka's bloodlust

He spots Leorio and Kurapika,[19] but, interested by their resolve, he permits them to leave unharmed in exchange for a bunch plate. Their potential and fast building whet his bloodlust, impelling him to search out anyone to kill.[20] He comes across Agon, whom he immediately kills. As he does so, he has his badge stolen by way of Gon, who has been tailing him. While going after him, Hisoka unearths and decapitates Geretta, who turns out to be his goal. He praises Gon's stealth and methodology and leaves him his badge. Gon refuses to just accept the favor, however Hisoka blasts him with a right hook and leaves after difficult him to do the same.[21] Having got the vital choice of plates, Hisoka qualifies for the Final Phase. Interviewed by way of Isaac Netero, he states he desires a Hunter License to score impunity and that the applicants who caught his attention the most are Killua and Gon. He also broadcasts he would like to battle neither of them, particularly now not Gon, and challenges Netero, but is casually dismissed.[22]

Hisoka whispers something to Kurapika

The Final Phase of the exam is an elimination event through which the winner of a match is removed from the candidate record and receives his very personal Hunter License, and the loser is given more probability. Hisoka frowns when Hanzo threatens to wreck Gon's arm.[23] He laughs when the boy refuses to give up and states he would also desire not to have his leg cut off.[24] Hisoka's first match is in opposition to Kurapika. After tussling for a while, he whispers one thing to Kurapika, then he forfeits the fit. [25]

Hisoka knocks down Bodoro

His next opponent is Bodoro. It was once a one-sided fit, however Bodoro does not need to surrender. Hisoka knocks him down and whispers one thing to him. Right after this, Bodoro admits defeat and Hisoka turns into a licensed Hunter.[25] When the exam is over, he is stunned to look Gon carry Illumi in the air.[26] He has a brief dialog with Illumi about Gon and the Zoldyck Family and warns Illumi not to contact Gon since the boy is his target best.[27]

Heavens Arena arc Hisoka's look on the Heavens Arena

Hisoka follows Gon and Killua to the Heavens Arena and together with his Ren prevents the duo from entering the two hundredth floor until they are able to use Nen, declaring them no longer in a position.[28] Gon and Killua return after finding out Ten from Wing. Hisoka allows either one of them to move and tells Gon if he can win one match on the 2 hundredth floor, he may believe fighting him.[29] He becomes excited when he sees Gon input a state of Zetsu against Gido.[30] A fighter at Heavens Arena named Kastro fights Hisoka to avenge his previous loss. At the beginning of the fight, Kastro turns out to have the upper hand, touchdown some blows on Hisoka from not possible positions and angles, gaining a 4-0 lead.[8][31] When Kastro prepares his Tiger Bite Fist, Hisoka willingly gives him his left arm, but has the proper one severed instead. The change allows him to determine Kastro's secret, the usage of a Nen double. When Kastro proclaims he'll take Hisoka's left arm subsequent, Hisoka remarks he may really feel more desperate to take the struggle significantly.[31] He performs a sequence of magic tricks apparently for no reason. After Kastro sends his double to chop off his left arm, Hisoka's right arm magically reappears. He states Kastro will dance himself to death and proceeds to inform him excluding his clone and dodge its attacks, claiming the flaw of the facility is that the clone never displays any harm, and as an Enhancer Kastro has insufficient "memory" for any such advanced Conjuration methodology. As he completes the reason, he hits Kastro in the chin the use of his severed left arm then kills Kastro through stabbing him with the cards on the floor.[32]

Hisoka meets Machi on the Heavens Arena

After the fight, Hisoka will pay Machi to reattach both his arms, concealing the seams with a combination of Bungee Gum and Texture Surprise. It is revealed that Hisoka pretended to be maintaining back against the Kastro by way of concealing a part of his air of secrecy with In, and that he resorted to his brutal magic tricks to prevent Kastro from figuring it out. When his right arm was once severed, he hooked up it to the stump with Bungee Gum, while he linked the fitting one to Kastro's chin. He used the same talent to ship the cards he had previously scattered at the floor flying at Kastro, environment the methodology up all through some other magic trick.[6]

Hisoka's faux Spider tattoo

Machi then tells him that everybody in the Phantom Troupe should join up in Yorknew City at midday on the finish of August, and that Chrollo would possibly punish him if he skips another gathering. He invites her to spend the evening with him, however she leaves sooner than he finishes his invitation. As he showers, he peels off the fake spider tattoo on his again, which he made out of a piece of cloth the usage of his Texture Surprise skill.[6] After Gon defeats Gido and Riehlvelt, he proclaims himself keen to combat the boy.[33] They come to a decision to have their showdown on the Heavens Arena on July 10th.[34]

Gon punches Hisoka within the face

On the day of the fit, Hisoka can slightly include his excitement. He simply repels all of Gon's attacks without shifting from his unique place, until Gon makes use of a flagstone as a diversion and succeeds in punching him within the face.[35] Hisoka accepts to take his badge back. He deduces Gon is an Enhancer and explains his personality-based Nen test, revealing he is a Transmuter. He then begins to battle for real, surpassing Gon in both velocity and energy. When Gon makes an attempt to stay his distance, Hisoka pulls him towards himself with Bungee Gum and punches him arduous.[36] He provides to let Gon strike him if he can inform him when he connected Bungee Gum, giving him 3 options, simplest to reveal the proper one used to be a fourth one, and that Gon may just now not have avoided him from the use of the power. Realizing he can't get away, Gon fees at him. Hisoka is so delighted together with his initiative he has a hard time fighting himself from killing him, letting himself be overwhelmed up via Gon until he regains his composure. While Gon complains to the judge, he attaches the strand of aura on Gon's cheek to a rock and tricks him into being hit, profitable the match. He then leaves after telling Gon that the following time they struggle, it will be to the loss of life.[37]

Yorknew City arc Hisoka's appearance in the Yorknew City arc

On August thirty first, Hisoka meets the opposite members of the Phantom Troupe in an abandoned construction in Yorknew City, the place their leader offers the order to rob the Mafia Community of the Underground Auction pieces.[38] On the night time of September 1st, he listens intently to Chrollo's dialog on the phone with Uvogin a few traitor[39] and leaves the hideout to meet up with Kurapika.[40] He texts him to meet as organized, and, after they do, tells Kurapika what he knows in regards to the Phantom Troupe, that he joined the Troupe simplest to fight Chrollo, and that they will have to workforce up as a result of they share a commonplace interest. He provides Kurapika details about the talents of seven Spiders in go back.[7] Before giving his reply, Kurapika enquires in regards to the Scarlet Eyes, which Hisoka reckons have been already bought. Alerted by way of Melody that Uvogin escaped, Kurapika leaves after declaring he will give his answer day after today at the identical time.[41]

Hisoka's smile while teaming up with Machi

The next day, he has an sudden meeting with Gon and Killua after the 2 were captured and brought to the Troupe's hideout. They faux not to know every other and Hisoka seemingly notices Killua realizes the "Chain Dude" is none as opposed to Kurapika.[42] Despite his liking for Gon, he can not do the rest to assist them and even threatens to slit Killua's throat with a card if the boy makes any transfer with out permission. Since Nobunaga is busy looking at Gon and Killua, Machi is pressured to pair up with Hisoka.[43] That night time, he receives the order to create a commotion sooner than stealing the public sale loot.[44] However, he only stands on the most sensible of a development admiring the bloodbath.[45] He later lighting fixtures Bean's cigarette instants before Machi kills him.[46] Like the opposite Spiders, he passes himself off as auction group of workers and hides from Kurapika when the latter involves retrieve the fake Scarlet Eyes. Upon returning to the hideout with the loot, he desires to inform Kurapika that the corpses of a number of Troupe's members left in the back of are pretend, but fails to touch him.[47]

Hisoka studying his prophecy

On September 4th, Chrollo pronounces his intention to go away Yorknew City. When Nobunaga protests, he makes use of the Lovely Ghostwriter talent he stole from Neon on him and Shizuku, finding out that tangling with the "Chain Dude" will result in the demise of five different members. Hisoka sends a message to Kurapika, telling him concerning the pretend corpses[48] as part of his plan to pressure the Spiders to stay in Yorknew City, so he can struggle Chrollo. The Troupe chief then writes fortunes for just about all members, including Hisoka.[49] The magician's prophecy exposes his treachery and guarantees he would combat Chrollo the following Tuesday, wherein time half the Spiders could be dead.[50] When Pakunoda insists on reading it,[49] he changes it with Texture Surprise, implying that he'll die if he leaves the hideout. The Spiders first of all interpret his cast fortune as a sign of his betrayal, however, when Nobunaga is about to conflict with him, Chrollo falls into Hisoka's entice and suggests that the "Chain Dude" is forcing him to cooperate. His manipulation is a hit and Chrollo decides to stay in the city.[51] He is partnered up with Franklin and Bonolenov and left at the hideout while half the other contributors got down to kill the "Chain Dude".[52]

Hisoka excited to battle against Chrollo

When he learns Chrollo has been captured through Kurapika, he hires Illumi to hide as himself and act as his double in the Troupe's hideout so that he can leave and struggle Chrollo by myself.[53] The two switch places while Kalluto distracts Franklin and Bonolenov.[54] He tails Pakunoda to Lingon Airport, threatening to kill Gon and Killua if Kurapika does now not permit him to get on the blimp. When the hostage change terminates,[55] he finds to Chrollo his faux membership status and challenges him to a duel, however to his great unhappiness, Chrollo can not use Nen. Hisoka spares his lifestyles and leaves, telling Pakunoda that he has never been drawn to broken toys and that the existing already differs from the contents of his fortune. He walks away without returning to the hideout.[50]

Greed Island arc Hisoka appearing earlier than the Phantom Troupe

Hisoka heads to Greed Island looking for an Exorcist for Chrollo. He uses Chrollo's title to go into the game to send a sign to any Spiders who would enter the sport.[56] He hangs across the spell card store in Masadora, reckoning this is the place he's going to be capable to meet the greatest collection of players.[57] Gon comes close enough to him that he shows up in his touch checklist,[58] and the similar occurs with Shizuku, Franklin, Shalnark, and Phinks.[59] He approaches them to reveal his identification and be offering to take the Exorcist to Chrollo after they in finding one.[56] While Gon, Killua, Biscuit, and Goreinu glance to overcome Razor and his pirates, Gon insists on learning who the "Chrollo" in his binder is. The fly to him as he bathes in a lake. Sensing the two boys have advanced, he determines Biscuit to be their instructor. He tells them he came to the island to find Chrollo, as he fears they might try to stop him if he printed he is looking for an Exorcist. At Biscuit's request, he accepts to play against Razor's group.[60]

Hisoka tells Gon his (pretend) objective in Greed Island

Hisoka pretends to not know what spells are and takes the group to the nearby Aiai, where he spends his unfastened time, to seek out different avid gamers. However, the romantic clichés turn out to be too distracting. Killua starts to suspect that Hisoka has met other individuals of the Phantom Troupe at the island and is hiding it from everyone. When Gon asks him to check his contacts to grasp if he has met Tsezguerra, Hisoka conceals the names of the Spiders with Texture Surprise. He contacts the Single-Star Hunter for the gang.[57] They shape an alliance and Hisoka volunteers to play soccer juggling on account of his Bungee Gum. After one week, they head to Soufrabi.[59] The crew wins 3 video games, after which Razor demanding situations the remaining avid gamers to a dodgeball fit. When Razor kills a rebellious Bopobo, Hisoka reveals to his staff the game is happening in real lifestyles.[61] Shortly after the beginning of the game, Gon offers Hisoka the ball, so he can throw it and retrieve it with Bungee Gum.[62] He eliminates one in all Razor's Devils, however Razor combines two of them to stop him from getting the ball again.[63] He narrowly escapes a shoot ball thrown by way of Razor, which is then intercepted by certainly one of his Demons. Hisoka catches its throw with the aid of Bungee Gum, at the price of breaking two hands.[64]

Hisoka teaming up with Gon and Killua

Hisoka admires Gon's Rock ecstatically. When Razor manages to deflect his throw, Hisoka snatches the ball with Bungee Gum, forcing him to use up his freebie.[65] To retrieve the ball from Razor, Gon, Hisoka, and Killua create a three-person formation[66] the place Hisoka is accountable for combating the ball from bouncing off after Gon catches it. They be triumphant and Gon shoots the ball along with his closing, most powerful Rock.[67] Razor bumps it again at him, but Gon passes out from exhaustion, so the ball misses him. Hisoka catches and throws it back with Bungee Gum, sticking it to Razor's arms so he can not deflect it again, at the cost of 10 damaged fingers. Razor is pushed out of bounds, ensuing in the group's victory.[68] Hisoka leaves them, and his parting phrases reason Killua to realize he used to be indeed mendacity.[69]

Hisoka leaving Greed Island with Abengane

Phinks takes Hisoka the place the opposite Spiders and the Exorcist are so he can negotiate with the latter. He enquires how the Troupe managed to find him, and after they refuse to solutions, he wonders if it could be the work of the person hiding in the back of a tree within sight, and threatens to vent his arousal towards them if they don't pop out. Kalluto, Hisoka's alternative in the gang, walks out, and Hisoka expresses his approval of him. He then asks Machi who between him and Chrollo she'd moderately survived, and what she is going to do if he kills Chrollo, to which Machi says she would hunt him down and kill him. He smiles and states he would like it.[70] A few weeks later, he leaves the island with Abengane after the latter has successfully deactivated Genthru's Countdown.[71]

Chimera Ant arc

Having left the game, Hisoka and Abengane are seen approaching Chrollo as he reads a subject of Weekly Shōnen Jump.[72]

thirteenth Hunter Chairman Election arc Hisoka votes

Hisoka is next noticed all over the primary spherical of the thirteenth Hunter Chairman Election searching for Ging. He secretly charges the Hunters on the scene using a scale of his own and is apparently quite proud of the power of a few participants of the Zodiacs: Kanzai, Ginta, and Pyon. He then casts a clean vote after appearing it to them, which annoys Kanzai. After that, he sits there scouting out the gang. While sizing up the pro-Hunters provide at the election website online, Hisoka is disillusioned by way of their power levels and thinks to himself that if they're this weak, he would possibly consider combating the Zodiacs subsequent. Suddenly he feels the presence of somebody strong, who seems to be Illumi. Illumi then tells Hisoka about what came about all the way through the Chimera Ant crisis, the demise of Chairman Netero, Alluka—his younger sister, and the current scenario with Gon and Killua.[73]

Hisoka provokes Illumi

Hisoka and Illumi are subsequent seen talking to each other in an airship bar. Illumi explains the foundations related to Alluka's talent to him and tells him if Killua dies from Alluka's energy while looking to heal Gon, numerous folks, including the Zoldycks, Gon, or even Hisoka, will die as well. Fearing that Killua will do it fallacious, Illumi asks Hisoka to help him kill Alluka.[74] Later, as Killua, Alluka, and their butlers are on their approach to Gon's clinic, Illumi manipulates some drivers and crashes their automobiles into Killua's car, causing it to fall right into a wooded area below. Watching from a distance, Illumi tells Hisoka to do away with the butlers however Hisoka asks if he can kill Killua. Illumi all of sudden releases a murderous charisma and warns him. Hisoka says he is just kidding. It is then revealed that he provoked Illumi on purpose to let Killua know his location as a result of he too desires Gon to be stored.[75]

Hisoka kills Gotoh

He then confronts Gotoh, Amane, and Canary, who are left at the back of after Killua uses his Godspeed talent to flee with Alluka. Gotoh tells the opposite butlers to go forward and let him deal with Hisoka. At first, his Bungee Gum ability seems to be neutralized through Gotoh's ability to fireplace coins with energy superior to bullets, however Hisoka manages to conform briefly and uses his Bungee Gum to fireside the coins again, forcing him to shoot more coins to deflect them, with that distraction Hisoka is in a position to drop in on him and slit his throat.[76]

Hisoka and Illumi arrive by way of Parasta Airport, where Killua used an airship as transportation and to escape them. Hisoka means that they must ambush Killua within the health center, but Illumi claims the assassination will fail if they achieve this because Killua's buddies are there. Illumi thinks of asking for assist, prompting Hisoka to invite if he has every other acquaintances. Illumi instead unearths a capability to manipulate an individual's movements through a nen-imbued needle. Illumi asks Hisoka if he may just hunt the "misses" for him and Hisoka gladly accepts.[77]

Hisoka and Illumi talk over the telephone after killing their attackers. Hisoka informs Illumi that he has found a map detailing the plane's paths and locations. He provides to ship Illumi a copy, albeit one this is altered by his Texture Surprise. Unfortunately, Illumi says that he additionally has a map from probably the most attackers and that he already knows which airplane Killua and Alluka are.[78]

Hisoka kills the Hunters

Although he's shown to be Illumi's comrade his bloodlust seems to get the better of him, that is shown when Illumi unearths Killua, Hisoka is seen hiding within the timber trying to come to a decision who to kill if to kill Alluka and gain Killua's hatred or go away Alluka alive save Gon and make Illumi his enemy. He then questions himself through pondering that possibly he must kill Alluka which might make Killua hate him, or kill Killua and feature Illumi hate him is the best course of action. Hisoka is next observed exiting an elevator and going into the room where Teradein Neutral is staying, Hisoka then kills him.[79]

Succession Contest arc Hisoka vs. Chrollo

Chrollo in the end accepts to struggle Hisoka in a dying match at Heavens Arena. As quickly because the combat begins, Chrollo activates Shalnark's ability and takes keep an eye on of the referee, the use of him to attack Hisoka whilst, the latter reckons, making ready to stay the second one antenna in him. However, the second antenna used to be a feint and Chrollo kicks down Hisoka, then proceeds to stomp on him. Hisoka frees himself via hurling the referee at him. Chrollo then commands the referee to attack Hisoka again however explodes sooner than the two can make contact due to a brand new talent stolen through Chrollo, who is now also capable of the usage of two abilities at the similar time or one without having to touch his e book. Hisoka will get increasingly more excited as the combat progresses, however feels Chrollo continues to be maintaining again. The two then in brief speak about the latter's new talents, with Hisoka rejoicing because of his opponent's power.[2]

Chrollo combines two skills, Order Stamp and Kortopi's Gallery Fake, to assault Hisoka with a duplicate of the referee. However, due to Chrollo's clarification, Hisoka simply deactivates Order Stamp via beheading the puppet. Chrollo finally shows the ultimate talent he has ready, Convert Hands. Much to Hisoka's annoyance, prior to the two can business blows once more, Chrollo finds that one of his talents belongs to anyone who's already useless. Hisoka instantly realizes it is because the consumer's Nen has develop into more potent after his loss of life, and improves his guard. When he learns that, thanks to the creator's get to the bottom of, once affixed, the marks of The Sun and Moon will never disappear except they explode, Hisoka smiles, thinking that could indeed prove problematic. Despite Chrollo claiming that his victory is certain, Hisoka is prepared to keep fighting and attacks him. The two finally end up within the audience, which Chrollo manipulates with Black Voice to assault Hisoka while disguising himself with Convert Hands.[80]

Hisoka notices the antennae have disappeared and that Chrollo has already created copies with Gallery Fake. Then, around thirty copies controlled with Order Stamp get started attacking him, forcing him to use Bungee Gum to retreat, however the puppets climb on most sensible of one another and achieve him. As he retaliates, Chrollo, having stolen anyone else's garments, maneuvers at the back of Hisoka, who prepares to counter, but is tricked via the opponent's feint and kicked within the nape. As he falls into the gang of puppets, Hisoka is ecstatic. Struggling to not be beaten, Hisoka begins dispatching the puppets, the entire while taking injury from Chrollo's hit-and-run tactic. He manages to look forward to the latter's next move, flinging a severed head at him, however Chrollo dodges and kicks Hisoka, claiming he had observed him prepare the attack. However, Hisoka manages to hit him with a 2d projectile attached to his foot, replying he knows whilst coughing up blood.[81]

Hisoka's severed hand

He lands another hit with the opposite head, forcing Chrollo to retreat. Unable to give chase, Hisoka disables extra puppets and tries to figure out Chrollo's subsequent move basing on whether or not Order Stamp and Gallery Fake are deactivated. When the stamp disappears from the head of a puppet, Hisoka manages to trace down Chrollo in the target market, immobilizing him with Bungee Gum. However, he notices one thing is off and impulsively attacks him with the top. It is printed the one he killed was a spectator Chrollo had been controlling with Black Voice and to whom he had given his appearance with Convert Hands. However, as Gallery Fake remains to be lively, Hisoka realizes that the copies on which The Sun and Moon has been affixed is not going to disappear even though Chrollo is the usage of different skills.[82] He strikes again to the middle of the arena, guessing Chrollo should release an assault with all his puppets lest they are mistaken for injured spectators via the rescue staff. In truth, Chrollo steals the announcer's microphone and orders to "break Hisoka", inflicting the entire puppets with the stamp to rush at Hisoka, who proceeds to break them the use of the pinnacle as a projectile and via attaching Bungee Gum to more than one puppets and the use of them as a hammer. Suddenly, on the other hand, the pinnacle he was once gripping explodes in his hand, heavily injuring it and obliterating 4 of his arms.[83]

Hisoka's useless frame after his defeat by way of Chrollo

Hisoka understands how Chrollo managed to make the head explode and temporarily decapitates any other puppet. Using Bungee Gum thru his legs, he starts walking at the facets of a stand, destroying extra puppets from that position prior to operating away. However, he finds more than one explosive puppets waiting for him. Although he survives the explosion, he's blasted within the air in opposition to another stand stuffed with Chrollo's explosive puppets. The lack of a leg prevents him from escaping to the ceiling, but prior to he can venture Bungee Gum from his different leg, Chrollo throws two spectators at him, inflicting him to fall again into the ring. As the puppets get ready to assault him, Hisoka prepares for his death and is quickly engulfed in an explosion.[84]

The subsequent time Hisoka is observed he is, via all means, lifeless, presented before Kortopi, Shalnark, and Machi; his face is very disfigured via the explosion, with one of the vital three questioning why he did not undergo more injury. Shalnark explains that he used a big portion of the puppets as a "meat shield" with the intention to discuss, protective him from the majority of the explosion, however in the end causing him to die from suffocation. Shalnark and Kortopi leave after Machi says that she'll keep to have a tendency to his wounds. Closing his eyes prior to attempting to stitch up his neck, Machi is surprised to peer his charisma re-emerge from his frame; she mistakenly believes this to be his Nen maintaining after his loss of life earlier than it is revealed that he used Bungee Gum to restart his heart and lungs after his demise.[85]

Hisoka comes again from the useless

Greeting her relatively cheerfully after coming again to existence, she confirms that he was certainly dead for a while, and then Hisoka admits that combating somebody of Chrollo's league and hundreds of Nen puppets on the identical time was once greater than he could chunk, relating to the enjoy as a "wake up call" because of this. He then proceeds to fix and conceal his wounds, while concurrently replacing his lacking arm and leg the use of Bungee Gum and Texture Surprise. After saying that his subsequent warring parties would possibly not have a call in where and who they fight, he restrains Machi using Bungee Gum prior to he leaves, telling her that he shall kill all members of the Phantom Troupe. Struggling to get out, she shouts and swears at Hisoka, pronouncing she'll kill him herself, earlier than Hisoka makes his exit.[85]

The subsequent time Hisoka is observed, Shalnark had just come off of the telephone with Chrollo, discussing plans to board the Kakin Empire Royal Family's ship and scouse borrow their valuables. While Shalnark is questioning what is taking Kortopi so long in the bathroom, Hisoka walks out as an alternative. Shocked, Shalnark runs in opposition to him sooner than Hisoka throws Kortopi's severed head at him. After catching it, Shalnark cries out in surprise sooner than Hisoka lands a particularly powerful attack on his head, killing him. Shalnark's mangled frame is then seen tied to a swing with Kortopi's severed head in entrance of him and crows gathering around their corpses.[85]

By the time Machi reaches Chrollo available in the market within the Black Whale, she confirms that Hisoka had made his way into the Black Whale to kill the remainder of the Troupe contributors. Chrollo orders the first come, first serve rule to make it fair for the rest of Troupe individuals to kill him.[86]

Heavens Arena Standing

The following are the effects for Hisoka in Heavens Arena. Each KO resulted within the opponent's demise. After his combat with Gon, Hisoka got the fitting to struggle a Floor Master, whom he defeated to obtain the identify.[5] Sometime later, he confronted Chrollo Lucilfer.[2] Although the normal laws have been suspended all the way through the struggle, Chrollo technically gained by means of KO.

Opponent Result Kastro 10-3 Win ?? 10-1 Win ?? 10-Zero KO Win ?? W.O. Loss ?? W.O. Loss ?? W.O. Loss ?? 10-Zero KO Win ?? 10-0 KO Win ?? 10-Zero KO Win ?? 10-0 KO Win ?? 10-0 KO Win Kastro 10-4 KO Win Gon 11-4 Win Unknown Floor Master ?-? Win Chrollo X-X KO Loss


Playing Cards: Hisoka's weapon of choice is a suite of bizarre French taking part in playing cards, which he uses in struggle to lethal effects by wielding or throwing them in conjunction with his Shu.[29] The playing cards have white borders, with a checkered development composed via small, gentle and dark fuchsia squares.

Abilities & Powers

Hisoka has all the benefits granted by his status as a Hunter. Notorious for his sleek, cruel, and deceitful fighting ability, which has earned him the rank of Floor Master,[5] he has confirmed to be a perilous adversary. His super physical talents and battle talent make him extraordinarily dangerous in a bout, and his expertise in Nen, tactical genius, and versatility allow him to rapidly adapt to adjustments in circumstances. Among the combatants he has defeated are previous #4 member of the Phantom Troupe[7] and the Single-Star Blacklist Hunter Bushidora, killing the latter without suffering any injury himself.[78] He has expressed dissatisfaction with the power level of maximum Pro Hunters, which led him to consider combating the Zodiacs to discover a new challenge,[73] and in truth, he was once ready to effortlessly dispatch a couple of Hunters in a brief span of time.[78] Illumi Zoldyck, who was estimated by the magician to be even more ambitious than some Zodiacs,[73] was cautious of crossing Hisoka,[27] or even the chief of the notorious Phantom Troupe deemed it prudent to prepare a technique and acquire Nen skills prior to facing him to make sure his victory, pointing out Hisoka set a new report for the choice of talents he ever had to kill somebody.[2]

Hisoka could also be a talented magician and incessantly makes use of Nen to perform his methods. His talents in misdirection and superb dexterity find applications in battle, their mixture allowing him to triumph against Kastro.[6] The latter talent also enabled him to catch Togari's spinning knives on the first try, whereas their proprietor required six months to do so.[16] Furthermore, Hisoka has a definite degree of informatic proficiency, which he used to track Gon and Killua down after they bought blimp tickets on-line.[28] By forming a circle together with his index finger and thumb and peeking thru it, he can strengthen his imaginative and prescient.[19] It is unknown if this method is achieved with Nen, or if Hisoka can simply improve his eyesight through concentrating. Hisoka's zest for combat incessantly reasons him to suffer extra damage than he would if he fought critically from the beginning.[32][36][37] In truth, his willingness to let Chrollo pick out the location and time in their showdown,[85] as well as to evolve to his tempo in its early levels,[2][80] nearly ended in his demise.[85]

Preternatural Perception: Hisoka has proven to be able to sense not best the presence, but also the placement of other folks hidden with Zetsu, even Kalluto's, whose execution of the methodology was described as "flawless". In response to Nobunaga's befuddlement, Hisoka attributed his feat to the lingering sensitivity from the contest against Razor.[70] His talent to gauge a person skill and uncooked energy is so subtle that he has been in a position to create a point-based device to quantify them. Although he most often glances at anyone to resolve their power, he ranked Illumi with out even seeing or spotting him beforehand.[73] Nonetheless, he was once unable to notice that Gon was once tailing him during the Hunter Exam even ahead of lapsing into a murder frenzy, because of the boy being in a state of Zetsu and possibly because he was once no longer specifically adverse against him till the instant he made his transfer when Hisoka's own bloodlust masked his.[21]

Hisoka uses a number of folks as a human hammer

Immense Strength: Hisoka boasts astounding brawn, rating 3rd in the Phantom Troupe in arm-wrestling.[87] When certainly one of his kicks overlooked Gon, he despatched a flagstone of the ring crashing explosively into the audience stands.[36] He can without difficulty lift five human puppets with one hand and swing them around with sufficient power to wreck them and all other bodies they come in touch with,[83] and instantly twist off a human head with a single hand.[84] In the dodgeball recreation Hisoka was in a position to throw the ball with such drive that Razor's Nen puppets have been forced to mix to block it,[63] in spite of them being capable of redirecting Razor's passes[62] which, after their power waned,[64] retained enough momentum to incapacitate Tsezguerra.[62] He used to be also able to withstand the pressure of the ball launched by Gon with Rock and returned through Razor while catching it with Bungee Gum.[67]

Enhanced Speed and Reflexes: During the Hunter Exam, Hisoka dispatched dozens of candidates in seconds, and disappeared from Leorio's and, more remarkably, Gon's sight at close quarters.[11] He introduced further proof of his swiftness against a couple of foes when he fended off the throng of puppets sent after him by means of Chrollo.[81] When he fought the boy at the Heavens Arena, he may just transfer so quickly that Gon used to be not able to get his body to react in time.[36] He have shyed away from all of Kastro's moves while the latter was once not the use of his double,[31] or even after he lost each arms the clone used to be unable to land a unmarried hit on him when it attacked by itself.[32] He has demonstrated to be as reactive to projectiles when he without difficulty grabbed a pair of spinning knives thrown at him by a Hunter,[16] stuck Gotoh's bullet-fast coins with Bungee Gum,[76] dodged a shot ball thrown through Razor and succeeded in blocking it when it was once redirected moments later on.[64]

Enhanced Agility: Hisoka is fairly acrobatic, a talent which he makes use of to get better his stability and respond to assaults temporarily.[31] He can defend even from disadvantageous positions[2] with out dropping his steadiness.[64]

Enhanced Stamina: Hisoka was in a position to complete a long-distance run more than Eighty kilometers lengthy, and going down on uneven terrains equivalent to ascending stairs and a swamp,[88] without breaking a sweat.[12] He didn't display the slightest signal of physical or psychological exhaustion after his battle against Kastro[32] or the dodgeball fit against Razor,[67] or at any point all the way through his taxing showdown in opposition to Chrollo.[89]

Immense Endurance: Hisoka appears to be impervious to ache. He was once best momentarily surprised when Kastro and Chrollo landed essential blows on him.[8][31][81] He was once unaffected through breaking ten fingers[67] and, extra impressively, by way of having one hand and one foot blown off[84] or through the loss of two fingers,[31] to the purpose he stuck his fingers in his open wound to retrieve a card.[32] However, his excessive threshold can backfire, as he failed to notice one among his legs was maimed in his struggle against Chrollo.[84]

Genius-Level Intellect: Hisoka is knowledgeable tactician and schemer with superb analytical abilities. Though at great non-public risk, he succeeded in manipulating the Spiders into staying in Yorknew so he may combat Chrollo, and to forge a pretend prophecy, minutes if not seconds, after receiving the unique, completely replicating its style.[51] While on Greed Island he managed to trick Killua, although each he and Biscuit remained suspicious of him.[60][57] His flair at studying others' character and at finding commonplace characteristics allowed him to create a personality-based gadget to decide Nen types, and, even if he admits it is unreliable, he has been correct every time he used to be noticed resorting to it.[36][60]

Master Strategist: Hisoka is a phenomenal strategist who can formulate profitable plans on the very get started of a confrontation. He frequently puts up an outlandish or even smug act to idiot his opponents into believing he is being careless, while, actually, he's laying traps.[6][76] He excels now not only at planning ahead, but also at picking aside enemy strategies, compiling all of the available data, and arising with more than one hypotheses in mere seconds and in the warmth of combat, in addition to unexpectedly adapting to new developments.

Hisoka knocks out Bodoro

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Hisoka is a drive to be reckoned with at close vary, even without his playing cards or Bungee Gum. Cherry, whom Tonpa considered probably the most professional unarmed combatant within the 287th Hunter Exam,[1] stated the enormous hole in methodology between the 2 of them,[11] and he easily dodged each and every attack from Goz.[19] He single-handedly outmatched Gon in shut quarters combat and repelled all of his offensives without shifting from his spot till the boy resorted to a diversion.[35] Even after the loss of both palms, he avoided every strike of Kastro's double while casually speaking to the ability person and throwing glances in his path,[32] and in spite of Kastro being a martial artist reputed to be on par with a Floor Master.[8] Hisoka has also confirmed time and time again to be capable to fighting back complete crowds.[11][81]

Hisoka makes use of his cards in struggle

Master Weapon Specialist: With the aid of Shu, Hisoka can turn his playing cards into mortal edge weapons or projectiles. He employs them to straight away kill the opponent via focused on their important spots, typically the throat,[11][21][2][81] but additionally to incapacitate them through severing their tendons.[80] While wielding one with most effective two hands, he can sever an grownup men's fingers in a single motion.[82] He can throw them with deadly accuracy and velocity,[11] and likewise incorporate them in marvel attacks with Bungee Gum.[32] He additionally displayed proficiency with flail-like guns by swinging an aura-coated human head attached to his hand by the use of his elastic air of secrecy,[82] in addition to with knives.[16]

Master of Stealth: Hisoka managed to spy on Killua undetected by means of him as well as, seemingly, Amane and Tsubone.[79] He assisted Illumi without being came upon by means of the Hunter Association[78] and reputedly killed Teradein while the latter used to be at his table.[79]

Expert in Tailing: Hisoka adopted Gon and Killua two times without them noticing,[28][55] eluding Pakunoda's detection the second time around as properly.[55]Nen Hisoka's standard air of secrecy

Hisoka is a Transmuter[36] endowed with a formidable, sinister aura that disquieted Wing[35] and Gon even after the latter discovered Nen.[37] He manifests his excessive level of proficiency in his herbal class primarily via his Nen ability, Bungee Gum, however he has also shown to be very proficient at controlling the shape of his aura,[29] which is a Transmutation talent.[90] This flair may be what allows him to extend strands of elastic charisma over distances of a number of meters with out flinging them, which makes its software more subtle.[6][37][81] He could also be well-versed in Conjuration, the Nen form of his 2d ability, in addition to Emission and, apparently, Enhancement. He makes use of the former to handle aura around projectiles[29] in addition to at the side of Bungee Gum, to split the power from his body.[37][85]

Hisoka's sinister aura

His affinity for Enhancement manifests basically as a outstanding point of durability. Hisoka survived multiple Nen-enhanced moves from Kastro, an Enhancer, without using his aura to protect.[31] Although he used to be briefly shocked,[81] Hisoka took no visible injury from maximum of Chrollo's attacks,[2][80][81] considered one of which will allegedly behead an individual with a knife-hand strike,[44] in spite of Hisoka having been unable to predict them and thus to guard properly. He turns out to have resorted to Manipulation on one occasion, exploiting the boost loved via Nen after dying to impart an automated command to his Bungee Gum.[85]

Hisoka extends his elastic aura

Aside from Hatsu, Hisoka is able to the usage of no less than Ren,[28]Gyo,[32] and Ken, which allowed him to live on a couple of explosions of The Sun and Moon set off in his proximity, even supposing one of his legs was once critically mangled.[84] Like many different high-level Nen users, he can take care of a state of Ten always.[7] It is also most likely that he is proficient at Zetsu[28][55][78][79] and Ko.[64] The two ways he employs with the best frequency are Shu and especially In. With Shu his poker playing cards can easily minimize through bone[11] and urban[37] even while he isn't protecting them. When he implemented it to a severed human head, it carried so much power that it pulverized different heads it came involved with,[83] incapacitated several puppets with a single throw and injured a Nen user of Chrollo Lucilfer's caliber[82] without being damaged the least bit, whereas it might ruin instantly if not enveloped in charisma.[83] If Hisoka favors Shu for direct attacks, In is on the core of his strategies, as he combines the method with Bungee Gum to lay elaborate, deadly traps.[6][37][76][81]

Hisoka's prosthetic foot

Hisoka's Nen prowess if additional supported through his knowledge of extra summary notions, reminiscent of Nen becoming stronger after dying[80] and Exorcism.[60] He additionally came up with the idea that of "Memory Overload"[32] and a device to divine a person's Nen kind from their personality, which, regardless of him calling it unreliable, has confirmed right kind several instances.[36][60]

Hisoka's Nen Type: Transmutation Type: Transmutation Bungee Gum ((バンジーガム) Elastic Love)

Hisoka's major talent allows him to make his charisma sticky and elastic.[68][76] Its extreme sturdiness, flexibility, and adhesive houses make it an exceptionally flexible skill with a number of offensive, defensive, and supplementary packages. He can turn on it from his hands,[83] fingers,[6] and feet.[2][84] He can attach it both thru physical touch and remotely, via extending it in opposition to the objective, which makes it very difficult to avoid.[37] He can give it the command to contract at will, and it snaps again with larger force the more it's stretched.[91] It is so resilient that it didn't tear after soaking up the entire power of a ball hurled via Gon with Rock,[68] or a number of of Gotoh's cash,[76] which makes it a great way of returning projectiles to the sender.

Offensively, Bungee Gum can be utilized to tug the opponent against Hisoka[37] or to create flail-like weapons.[82] He can also separate it from his body, in which case it will tear after a maximum stretch of 10 meters.[91] He maximum recurrently detaches it from his frame to attach projectiles to his opponent, similar to his Shu-enhanced cards, whilst concealing it with In.[6] The mixture of the latter method and Bungee Gum lets in Hisoka to put multi-layered traps that spring , killing the unsuspecting opponent in a flash.[6][76] He has also emitted it to restrain individuals as powerful as Machi.[85]

Bungee Gum also has quite a lot of auxiliary applications. Hisoka can connect it to a solid floor to retreat at excessive velocity when the need arises.[76][2][81] By the usage of it on his feet, he can adhere to the bottom[76] or run on walls.[84] It could also be helpful for sticking gadgets in position for traps[6][68] or to keep hold of them,[64][67] even after throwing them.[62][81] By protecting a wound with it, he can instantly prevent hemorrhages.[6] On one instance, he enveloped his lungs and middle with it so it would resuscitate him. By creating non-adhesive air of secrecy, he too can exchange lacking limbs, which is able to coil like a spring to propel himself at super pace.[85]

Type: Conjuration Texture Surprise ((ドッキリテクスチャー) Flimsy Lies) Hisoka can observe his air of mystery to any easy, flat floor, such as paper or fabric, and manifest imagery on it to switch its look and texture[be aware 1] for deception. He can replicate over one thousand other textures. He has tricked Nen customers of the Spiders' caliber with this skill, without any of them understanding he had used it, both through sight or by way of contact.[51] Against Kastro, he applied Texture Surprise to hide his wounds and confuse him.[6] It will also be implemented to pure charisma, corresponding to Hisoka's Bungee Gum, to alter his own appearance.[85] Since no air of mystery is detectable once Texture Surprise is energetic, whether or not thru eyesight, touch, or extrasensorial belief,[51][59] its results are also visible to individuals not able to use Nen,[32] it's safe to assume Texture Surprise is a Conjuration ability, which is further supported by its requiring Hisoka's direct motion to be dispelled[6][59] and through a verb used in its description.[6]

Appearances in Other Media

Hisoka's Past

Note: Sui Ishida, the mangaka of Tokyo Ghoul, wrote and illustrated a one-shot entitled "Hisoka's Past". The story is known by way of Yoshihiro Togashi, but might or might not be considered canon.

Young Hisoka

A teenage Hisoka is located crushed at the side of the street through circus ringmaster Moritonio in Glam Gas Land. Hisoka discovered himself to be a herbal performer, showcasing extremely competent feats of dexterity comparable to juggling batons. He temporarily turns into respected and feared inside the circus. One day, he notices a skinny film round Moritonio, which Moritonio reveals to be his aura. Moritonio then starts training Hisoka in the art of Nen. Hisoka develops his Nen in a question of days, whilst the norm could be a year. He starts more complex training in Nen, discovering that his Nen kind is Transmutation.[92]

Hisoka uses his Bungee Gum for the primary time

One day, a fellow performer, Abaki, is attacked via the serial killer John Doe, however Hisoka rescues her. He slices her assailant's eye, but believes that eye to were fake. After this, he starts creating his Nen skill. Some days later, he performs in entrance of the Head of the Glam Clan, authority of Glam Gas Land. After the performance, he confronts Moritonio out of doors the place he accuses him of being John Doe. Moritonio confesses, and the two start a duel. Moritonio appear to have the merit in the beginning, but Hisoka, having developed Gyo, manages to determine that Moritonio transmutes his charisma into magnetic bars which overwhelm the opponent. Hisoka makes use of his newly-created Nen skill, Bungee Gum, to send the poles flying back to Moritonio, killing him.[92]

Battles & Competitions

Battles Hunter Exam arc: Hisoka vs. 20 Hunter Examinees† (Past)[1] Hisoka vs. Togari (Past)[16] Hisoka vs. Hunter Examinees† (Milsy Wetlands)[10][11] Hisoka vs. Leorio Paradinight and Gon Freecss (Milsy Wetlands)[10][11] Hisoka vs. Cherry† (Milsy Wetlands)[12] Hisoka vs. Great Stamp†[12] Hisoka vs. Togari† (Trick Tower)[16] Hisoka vs. Goz (Zevil Island)[19] Hisoka vs. Agon† (Zevil Island)[21] Hisoka vs. Geretta† (Zevil Island)[21] Hisoka vs. Gon Freecss (Zevil Island)[21] Hisoka vs. Kurapika* (Final Phase)[25] Hisoka vs. Bodoro (Final Phase)[25] Heavens Arena arc: Hisoka vs. Heavens Arena warring parties under the 2 hundredth floor (Past)[8] Hisoka vs. Kastro (Past)[8] Hisoka vs. Heavens Arena 2 hundredth flooring fighter (Past)[8] Hisoka vs. Heavens Arena two hundredth floor fighter (Past)†[8] Hisoka vs. Heavens Arena two hundredth flooring fighter (Past)†[8] Hisoka vs. Heavens Arena two hundredth floor fighter (Past)†[8] Hisoka vs. Heavens Arena 2 hundredth ground fighter (Past)†[8] Hisoka vs. Heavens Arena 2 hundredth floor fighter (Past)†[8] Hisoka vs. Heavens Arena 2 hundredth ground fighter (Past)†[8] Hisoka vs. Heavens Arena 2 hundredth flooring fighter (Past)*[8] Hisoka vs. Heavens Arena 200th floor fighter (Past)*[8] Hisoka vs. Heavens Arena 2 hundredth ground fighter (Past)*[8] Hisoka vs. Kastro†[8][31][32][6] Hisoka vs. Gon Freecss[35][36][37] 13th Hunter Chairman Election arc: Hisoka vs. Gotoh†[76] Hisoka and Illumi Zoldyck vs. Bushidora Ambitious†*, Latoon†, Kenzaki†, 6 Pro Hunters†, 15 Temp Hunters†, and 98 non-members†[77][78] Hisoka vs. Teradein Neutral†[79] Succession Contest arc: Hisoka vs. Floor Master[2][5] Hisoka‡* vs. Chrollo Lucilfer[93] Hisoka vs. Kortopi†[85] Hisoka vs. Shalnark†[85] Competitions Greed Island arc: Hisoka, Gon Freecss, Killua Zoldyck, Biscuit Krueger, Goreinu, and Tsezguerra vs. Razor (Dodgeball)[94][95]


(To Gon) "Don't worry, I'm done with him.♠ He's alive, and he's passed.♥ As have you.♥ You'll make a good Hunter.♣"[11] (To Illumi) "I'll wait.♦ And when the fruit is ripe, I'll pluck it.♥"[27] (Referring to Gon) "Don't look at me like that!♠ You're making me all... excited!♥"[35] (To Gon) "There will be no rules or points next time.♠ It'll be life or death.♠"[37] (To Nobunaga) "I've just had a very fun battle.♥ The rush has left me... sensitized.♣ To soothe my arousal I wouldn't mind ravaging someone I don't know, see?"[70] (When speaking about Bungee Gum) "My aura has qualities of both gum and rubber.♥"[76] "I'm so happy, Chrollo...♥ You make me feel so good...♥"[2] (After killing Kortopi and Shalnark) "Two down... Ten to go...♪"[85]

Other quotes:

(To a Hunter Exam applicant) "Behold.♥ Now you see them, now you don't.♠ No smoke and mirrors here.♠ You should be more careful.♦ At least apologize when you bump into someone.♣"[1] (To some Hunter Exam candidates) "I meant to hold off until the Second Phase, but the First Phase is unutterably boring.♠ So I thought I'd assist in the selection process...♦ and judge your acceptability.♣"[11] (To some Hunter Exam candidates) "A lesson before dying, gentlemen.♣ A true magician never runs out of tricks.♥"[11] (To Goz) "Thing is... dead people just don't interest me.♣ I prefer to look into the living, rather than the lifeless...♠ Eyes, that is.♥"[19] "Funny how unripe fruit always has such a particular appeal.♥"[20] (About Kurapika and Leorio) "Now look what they've done.♠ They had to go and get me... stirred up.♣ Got to keep a grip.♦"[20] (To Gon) "I choose not to kill you now.♣ You see, it suits me to let you live until you become a truly worthy opponent.♠"[21] (To Illumi) "Gon is mine, friend.♠ You make a move on him, you die.♣"[27] (To Kastro) "I predict... that you'll dance yourself to death.♠"[32] (To Machi) "It's always so fascinating to watch.♥ Maybe I hurt myself on purpose so I can see your work up close.♥"[6] "Now that I've found some new toys... it's time to hunt down the Spiders.♠"[6] (To Gon) "Opposites attract.♥ I'd bet we'd get along.♥ We could be great friends.♦ But be careful, as Transmuters are fickle... What used to be valuable can instantly turn to chaff.♠"[36] (Referring to Gon) "Ah... Those eyes... I wish I could demolish you right now."[37] (Referring to Gon) "I have to wait until he's ripe and ready... I have to be patient until my prize is at its peak... until it's almost a shame to tear it down.♥"[37] (Referring to Chrollo) "I knew you were brilliant.♥ I'm going to enjoy killing you.♥"[51] (To Pakunoda) "I'm not interested in broken toys.♣"[50] (To Pakunoda) "Every step we take amends our fate.♦"[50] (To Tsezguerra) "Only a flawless victory will do.♣ That's what Gon wants.♥"[68] (To Gon and Killua) "We all worked together.♣ It was a team victory.♥"[68] (To Kalluto) "You look tasty, too.♥"[70] (To Nobunaga) "Quit harping on it.♠ I'll make it paintings, for my very own sake.♦[70] (Referring to himself and Chrollo) "Do you have a preference who survives, Machi?"[70] (To Illumi, after threatening to kill Killua) "It's a joke!♥ Your killing aura is pouring out... Is that alright?"[75] "Which is more fun? Kill Alluka and spark Killua's wrath... Or spare Alluka, save Gon and make an enemy of Illumi?♥ Choices, choices...♥"[79] "A battle is a dance...! We must move to each other's beat...♪"[2] "Huh...? Am I going to die...? If I'm going to die anywa... then...♥"[84] (To Machi) "I've decided not to pick my battles.♣ Not with the Spiders...♪"[85] (To Machi) "Can you tell the other Spiders...? From now on, I'll fight any of them on sight until I've killed them all.♥"[85]


Possible hint [M(s)] of Hisoka's surname In the authentic databook, his name is also spelled as "Hyskoa".[3] The Volume 34 extras showed this spelling and added an alternate considered one of his surname, "Morroh". Hisoka's surname was once printed 346 chapters after his creation.[2]But slightly sooner than completely in Chapter 320, while voting and putting an "S-shaped pose", Hisoka's ultimate title could have been hinted (a minimum of the primary letter of his romanized or trade surname); in the imaginary background there's a round visual motif/theme around Hisoka's head with some stylized M letters—that would indicate "Morou" or "Morroh". Hisoka's surname could be a reference to JoDean Morrow's "Morrow elastic model", a style that focuses on the importance of elastic strain power in imply stress calculations—something thematically associated with the character's Bungee Gum. "Wrong!" Hisoka's Bungee Gum and Texture Surprise are named after his favorite emblem of chewing gum and a snack with novelty gag stickers respectively.[6]Also, the second one title of Bungee Gum, "Elastic Love", may be noticed as a reference to Hisoka's character: the benefit with which the gum is attached and indifferent to somebody mirrors the pastime that Hisoka has in an individual, which can be extraordinarily deep and nonetheless finish at any moment.[36] It is unknown to the reader if Hisoka's original prophecy predicted he would leave the Troupe after his war of words with Chrollo, or if he would die as a result of it, since best Hisoka noticed how many paragraphs it contained.[49] Hisoka changes his appearances at each flip of arc. When Hisoka asked Illumi if he can kill Killua he makes a hand gesture the place he places his thumb between his arms.[75] This, previous to 1989, was once a gesture that intended "I'm talking about sex" in Japan, which may make his question even worse. According to the "Hunter × Hunter Manual" segment discovered within the Yu ☆ Yu ☆ Hakusho reliable personality e book (Shueisha Jump remix),* Hisoka's stats are:Story Arcs Mind Skill Body Nen Ingenuity Intelligence Hunter Exam arc 3/5 4/5 4/5 3/5 5/5 4/5 Heavens Arena arc 3/5 4/5 4/5 4/5 5/5 4/5 Yorknew City arc 3/5 4/5 4/5 4/5 5/5 4/5 Greed Island arc 3/5 4/5 4/5 4/5 5/5 4/5 Anime and Manga Differences In the manga, Hisoka asks Machi to spend the night time with him,[6] but within the 2011 anime adaptation it was once toned all the way down to him pronouncing if she would have dinner with him.[96] In the Madhouse adaptation, when the person had ran into Hisoka without following it up with an apology all the way through the First Phase of the Hunter Exam, his fingers have been apparently disintegrated into flower petals and advantageous particles via Hisoka from unknown means.[97] This differs to the manga the place the man's arms have been merely severed and got rid of as an alternative.[6]In the 1999 anime adaptation, however, the scene by no means came about. Instead, Hisoka chased the person up a wall, but appeared to have forgiven him after he had cried and pleaded hopelessly.[98] In the 1999 anime adaptation it's mentioned via Togashi all through Hisoka's struggle with Gon at the 200th flooring of Heavens Arena that Hisoka chewed "Bungee Gum" a lot as a child, however as a result of his circle of relatives was deficient he ceaselessly chewed it till it lost all flavor. He later named his signature gum method after the brand.[99] In the manga and 2011 adaptation, then again, it's only stated that he named either one of his techniques after a candy emblem and a chewing gum logo he appreciated when he was once a child.[6]Intertextuality and References In 2016, the mangaka Sui Ishida wrote a tale of Hisoka's previous, which used to be released on Shonen Jump + website online. When Hisoka took the water divination take a look at, the water grew to become sour.[92] According to Hisoka, it was once his mother who taught him card tips.[92] The identify of his primary Nen talent may be a pun at the excessive sport Bungee Jumping. A big source of inspiration within the advent of Hisoka is most definitely the popular DC Comics supervillain The Joker. Both of them: are based on the taking part in card of the Joker; wear makeup and feature dyed hair (despite the fact that that is the Joker's true look); are serial killers with impossible to resist murderous tendencies and a long list of victims; are sociopaths who refrain from forming conventional bonds; in reality, even though they look like close with every other personality of their respective universes (Harley Quinn for the Joker and Illumi for Hisoka), they don't hesitate to take courses of motion that would injury them; both have girls who're close to them (Harley Quinn and Machi); are obsessive about the primary character of their respective collection; specifically, with those who can challenge them. At the same time, the hero himself (Batman and Gon) harbors advanced feelings against them; are endowed with a genius intellect that makes them unpredictable in addition to fearsome strategists; are totally amoral and targeted most effective on their very own pursuits; battle with taking part in playing cards and capable of killing using seemingly useless gadgets/skills (the Joker's paraphernalia and Hisoka's Nen skill); appear to feel neither ache nor fear; are devoid of any regard for human life; and have a mysterious previous. Another possible supply of inspiration within the advent of Hisoka is the memorable villain persona Kefka Palazzo from the Final Fantasy sequence of video games, the principle antagonist of Final Fantasy VI, nicknamed as "the psycho clown". Both of them: are most likely based or a minimum of had their creations impressed in the The Joker from DC Comics; resemble a jester or clown; have powers/aliases related to magic. Hisoka pretends to do magic whilst deceiving with his Nen talents and is known/self-titled as "the Magician". Kefka is a Magitek Knight infused with magical era that enabled him to cast magic and later turns into the "God of Magic"; wear make-up; are manipulative, egocentric, maniacal, flamboyant, harmful, merciless, and insane (even supposing Hisoka controls himself higher than Kefka); are nihilistic psychopaths with no regard for human lifestyles nor regret for the atrocities they dedicate; highly regard themselves in the topic of power. Kefka claims, at a certain moment, to be all-powerful and Hisoka, more implicitly, considers himself to be very strong; have surprisingly coincidental equivalent quirks related to their leisure pursuits and/or opponents. As part of his manchild character, Kefka hobby is enjoying with dolls and he refers to fighting as "playing"; and Hisoka, figuratively, footage his combatants as toys/dolls to be toyed with (usually in fights); present some female manners and attires; and have pale skin, lengthy sharp nails, and wear earrings. Note: If Hisoka was truly inspired/based on Kefka, because of graphic boundaries of the video game (in the beginning released in 1994 for SNES) wherein he first appears, the artistic endeavors made through Yoshitaka Amano may have been the visual references that Yoshihiro Togashi used. Hisoka's appearance as a clown, hairstyle, painted teardrops, card throwing abilities, and so forth., is also references to any other Yoshihiro Togashi character, Suzuki, from his previous paintings YuYu Hakusho, when he was once dressed up as a clown. Hisoka's Hunter Exam number is 44. The number Four has heavy implications of death in some Asian languages* including Japanese** and Chinese** since it is homophonous with the word "death" or "to die". The number 44 can imply "certainty of death". He was once also member #4 of the Phantom Troupe. Hisoka's flamboyant taste of get dressed and a lot of distinctive poses might draw inspiration from Hirohiko Araki's work JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, which has also been referenced in different portions of the collection.Miscellaneous Hisoka's name written in kanji (密か) can imply "secretly". Hisoka's emoticon Hisoka wrote a cell phone message—"the corpses were fake"—the usage of an emoticon of himself: ★—_—🌢 (in the manga/1999 anime)[100][48] and ★—_—🌢 (within the 2011 anime with "face paints" of the similar colors as his at that second).[101] In the Latin American dub, Hisoka speaks with a French accent and his title is pronounced as "Isoka" (with a silent H). In the Brazilian dub, the French accent is saved, however his name is pronounced typically. In the Indonesian dub, Hisoka is pronounced as "Hyosoka" for unknown reasons. Although Hisoka did not seem all through the Zoldyck Family arc, within the musical The Nightmare of Zaoldyeck, he gave the impression in conjunction with Illumi Zoldyck, who additionally does not seem in the arc. Daisuke Namikawa, Hisoka's voice actor, additionally voices Prince Baka, the protagonist of Level E, every other collection by way of Yoshihiro Togashi. His voice actor within the 1999 anime adaptation, Hiroki Takahashi, also voices Pariston Hill in the 2011 edition. Hisoka is known by means of some fans as the fifth protagonist of the collection. The selection of the month and day of his birthday are the same: Hisoka stocks this feature with the 4 protagonists.

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↑ Texture Surprise was once originally intended to breed only images, to the purpose that it used to be stated that physical contact would give the trick away, with Hisoka finding the added problem intriguing (see Chapter 55). The talent was once later retconned so it will additionally replicate textures (see Chapters Eighty and 106).


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