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Students of this faculty, as at Hogwarts in Scotland, are sorted into 4 homes (Thunderbird, Horned Serpent, Pukwudgie, and Wampus). I'm certain you understand your Hogwarts house, so let's in finding out your Ilvermorny house! (All 28 questions imaginable are from Pottermore to give you the most correct house sorting resolution)Scores in response to in depth spreadsheet analyses carried out on the legit pottermore quiz.... July 17, 2018 · 3,560 ACCURATE Pottermore-style Harry Potter Sorting Quiz! ALL QUESTIONS. L U L U. 1. 28. Dawn or dusk? Dawn. Dusk ! « » Log in or join. Show discussion 84Do you wish to have to understand in which house you really belong? The Pottermore test randomly chooses seven out of 28 possible questions. Here I've compiled all of the questions in an effort to permit for probably the most correct sorting.#HarryPotter #HowTo #Slytherin #WizardingWorldI am going to show how you can sort into Slytherin on Wizardingworld (Previously: Pottermore).com Now there are...♡ The first 500 people will get 2 months of Skillshare for FREE: https://skl.sh/cherrywallis♡ Watch my previous video here: https://youtu.be/ceIu6bgdTMU♡ Sub...

ACCURATE Pottermore-style Harry Potter Sorting Quiz! ALL

This is the quiz that determines your house in Harry Potter. It is the pottermore model with ALL Possible questions, as a substitute of simply 8. Are you in Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin?However, the original test (aka Pottermore Patronus Quiz) is not the one questionary on the internet. Several internet sites used Rowling's concept to create equivalent quizzes as smartly. But the primary objective of all of them is identical, determining your magical animal.Find out which Hogwarts house you belong to. The new Sorting Hat IS at the Pottermore site, and you'll be able to additionally get a wand, so move do it. This is the unique, older version of the Pottermore quiz, with the same questions & solutions made by way of J.K Rowling herself.If you might have been looked after into your Hogwarts house on our website online, then you'll know all about your individual house. But how much have you learnt about all the varsity homes? The First Year Hogwarts Houses Quiz . Written by way of The Wizarding World Team. Looking for Pottermore? Wizarding World is the new reliable house of Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts.

ACCURATE Pottermore-style Harry Potter Sorting Quiz! ALL

Hogwarts Sorting - All Pottermore Questions

W e We can't all cross to Hogwarts and don the Sorting Hat, however here is the following easiest thing - Wizarding World's very own Sorting Experience, prior to now on Pottermore! So, which house do you belong to? Are you Gryffindor? Are you Hufflepuff? Are you Slytherin? Are you Ravenclaw? Find out with the Hogwarts Sorting Experience created via J.K. Rowling.. Now, we are assuming you're more thanThis is the Pottermore Sorting Hat test as noticed in Pottermore. This has all possible questions and answers from that check for anyone that wishes to grasp what house they would get if they'd taken all of the check. This test is written through JK Rowling for Pottermore, I do no own this checkThis quiz incorporates all conceivable questions for the Ilvermorny Sorting Quiz on Pottermore. In here you'll be sure about which of the 4 american properties you belong to. Take your time to answer the questions and check out to be as truthful as conceivable.Pottermore Website: https://www.pottermore.comTHIS WAS THE WORST ANYONE HAS EVER DONE IN A POTTERMORE QUIZ! IF YOU CAN FIND ANYONE WHO HAS DONE WORSE SEND ME...Every real Harry Potter fan desires to know which Hogwarts house is the best for him. It isn't very hard, and you can find your house by way of answering some simple questions. Today we now have a Harry Potter house quiz for you to assist you in finding out.

Pottermore Sorting Hat Quiz analysis : Pottermore

Hi everybody! I've performed an research on the new Pottermore sorting quiz. The knowledge I amassed will have to give a just right indication of the correspondences between the quiz solutions and the house outcome. You too can use this information to get taken care of within the house of your choice, or see why you ended up in a certain house.

First a quick clarification of the new PM sorting quiz format:

Each quiz consists of 8 questions.

There are 28 imaginable questions in overall.

The first and final question have 3 probabilities:

First query: morning time/nightfall, woodland/river or moon/stars.

Last query: black/white, head/tails or left/proper.

Question 2-7 are each drawn from a unique query set and occur in random order.

Set #2: hate to be referred to as, after you have died, known to historical past, potion.

Set #3: goblets, device, magical garden, boxes, flutterby bush.

Set #4: tough to take care of, troll, which would you fairly be.

Set #5: energy, taking a look forward to learning, maximum like to study.

Set #6: bridge, dishonest, muggle, nightmare, street, street.

Set #7: puppy.

Each query has a distinct chance to happen on the quiz (depending on the size of the set it comes from), with the Pet question going on 100% of the time.

There are 3⋅1⋅3⋅3⋅4⋅5⋅6⋅3 = 9720 quiz mixtures and six⋅15⋅17⋅20⋅16⋅20⋅24⋅6 = 1410048000 imaginable sortings.

The pattern dimension of my observations is n = 10000. An remark is a quiz with Eight question answers related to a house end result.

For each and every question I have incorporated:

A desk that presentations the solution distribution for every house.

A bar plot that shows the desk data.

Line plots for each and every resolution (pattern measurement against proportion) that display the regression towards the imply percentage for every house.

These will give a just right indication of which answer belongs to which house, and insight into how the real distribution probably looks like.

I have additionally skilled a perceptron (linear classifier) at the sorting data (70% coaching, 15% validation, 15% testing) which appropriately predicts the house end result with 98% accuracy, given quiz solutions as input.

EDIT: I've decided to add the dataset to this submit, so that everyone can use it. Dataset in .xlsx format and dataset in .csv layout.

EDIT 2: I have added a weight desk. For every query answer it's going to display the score that is added to a house. The house with the maximal cumulative score is where you get taken care of.

This weight desk accomplished 98.8% accuracy at classifying 1500 check circumstances (trained on 7000 cases and validated on 1500 instances), but the weights could be very reasonably overfitted.

EDIT 3: Thanks to /u/Inefable51332 for declaring that not all questions can occur in combination. There are Eight different questions units, one for every query. This is exactly the same as in PM's old quiz, excluding that they used to implicity issue for your puppy choice. I have added to each question to which set it belongs.

EDIT 4: When validating the hatstall answer combos from Bronzedragon's set, it appears there are a couple of easy regulations to make a decision what house to select (since the new PM has no hatstalls). Houses appear to be chosen consistent with the ordering 1. Gryffindor 2. Hufflepuff 3. Ravenclaw 4. Slytherin. Gryffindor beats all other homes, Hufflepuff beats Ravenclaw and Slytherin, Ravenclaw beats simplest Slytherin and Slytherin does not win hatstalls. Sometime the pet selection can resolve the hatstall by favoring probably the most houses just sufficient. However with the vast majority of pet alternatives the most powerful house is selected. Furthermore, we nonetheless don't know what the appropriate conditions for a hatstall are.

EDIT 5: New discovering at the weight scheme giving 100% and in addition answering the hatstall query

UPDATE: See also Ilvermorny Sorting Quiz Analysis


The first/final three questions have a very transparent correspondence. For every query two houses favor an option similarly. Most of those converge to 75-25 percentages.

Dawn or dusk?

1/3 incidence, 3316 observations, query set #1

GryffindorRavenclawHufflepuffSlytherinDawn73% (618/842)73% (567/776)30% (283/943)26% (196/755)Dusk27% (224/842)27% (209/776)70% (660/943)74% (559/755)

Graph | Line plots Dawn | Dusk

The percentages for Hufflepuff and Slytherin will most likely no longer be equal, so I think a 30-70 distribution for Hufflepuff.

Dawn for Gryffindor and Ravenclaw.

Dusk for Hufflepuff and Slytherin.

Forest or river?

1/3 incidence, 3276 observations, query set #1

GryffindorRavenclawHufflepuffSlytherinForest74% (642/862)73% (566/775)26% (241/910)28% (207/729)River26% (220/862)27% (209/775)74% (669/910)72% (522/729)

Graph | Line plots Forest | River

Forest for Gryffindor and Ravenclaw.

River for Hufflepuff and Slytherin.

Moon or stars?

1/Three incidence, 3408 observations, question set #1

GryffindorRavenclawHufflepuffSlytherinMoon27% (233/851)74% (623/840)33% (324/981)72% (527/736)Stars73% (618/851)26% (217/840)67% (657/981)28% (209/736)

Graph | Line plots Moon | Stars

Hufflepuff can have a 1/3-2/3 probability distribution for moon and stars.

Moon for Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

Stars for Gryffindor and Hufflepuff.

Black or White?

1/3 incidence, 3247 observations, question set #8

GryffindorRavenclawHufflepuffSlytherinBlack73% (609/830)29% (224/777)24% (228/945)72% (503/695)White27% (221/830)71% (553/777)76% (717/945)28% (192/695)

Graph | Line plots Black | White

Probably a 30-70 distribution for Ravenclaw.

Black for Gryffindor and Slytherin.

White for Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.

Heads or Tails

1/3 prevalence, 3436 observations, query set #8

GryffindorRavenclawHufflepuffSlytherinHeads27% (225/841)69% (557/803)74% (723/980)27% (222/812)Tails73% (616/841)31% (246/803)26% (257/980)73% (590/812)

Graph | Line plots Head | Tails

Heads for Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.

Tails for Gryffindor and Slytherin.

Left or Right

1/3 incidence, 3317 observations, query set #8

GryffindorRavenclawHufflepuffSlytherinLeft29% (254/884)70% (567/811)29% (261/909)73% (519/713)Right71% (630/884)30% (244/811)71% (648/909)27% (194/713)

Graph | Line plots Left | Right

Left for Ravenclaw and Slytherin.

Right for Gryffindor and Hufflepuff.

Four boxes are placed ahead of you. Which would you try to open?

1/Five prevalence, 1983 observations, query set #3

GryffindorRavenclawHufflepuffSlytherinThe small tortoiseshell box, decorated with gold, within which some small creature seems to be squeaking.14% (72/502)18% (80/454)46% (264/575)18% (82/452)The gleaming jet black field with a silver lock and key, marked with a mysterious rune that you know to be the mark of Merlin.18% (88/502)20% (91/454)16% (90/575)46% (209/452)The ornate golden casket, standing on clawed feet, whose inscription warns that both secret wisdom and unbearable temptation lie inside.19% (96/502)44% (198/454)21% (121/575)19% (84/452)The small pewter field, unassuming and plain, with a scratched message upon it that reads ‘I open just for the worthy.’49% (246/502)19% (85/454)17% (100/575)17% (77/452)

Graph | Line plots Tortoiseshell box | Black box | Golden casket | Pewter box

Each house corresponds to at least one solution.

Gryffindor = The small pewter field.

Ravenclaw = The ornate golden casket.

Hufflepuff = The small tortoiseshell box.

Slytherin = The gleaming jet black field.

You and two buddies want to cross a bridge guarded by means of a river troll who insists on fighting one of you earlier than he will let all of you pass. Do you:

1/6 incidence, 1669 observations, query set #6

GryffindorRavenclawHufflepuffSlytherinAttempt to confuse the troll into letting all 3 of you move without preventing?20% (86/428)44% (190/428)18% (82/459)23% (83/354)Suggest drawing loads to make a decision which of you will fight?16% (68/428)17% (72/428)47% (216/459)17% (59/354)Suggest that all three of you should struggle (with out telling the troll)?18% (77/428)19% (83/428)16% (75/459)42% (147/354)Volunteer to fight?46% (197/428)19% (83/428)19% (86/459)18% (65/354)

Graph | Line plots 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Each house corresponds to one resolution.

Gryffindor = Volunteer to battle?

Ravenclaw = Attempt to confuse the troll.

Hufflepuff = Suggest drawing lots.

Slytherin = Suggest that all 3 battle.

Once each century, the Flutterby bush produces vegetation that adapt their smell to attract the unwary. If it lured you, it could scent of:

1/Five prevalence, 2021 observations, query set #3

GryffindorRavenclawHufflepuffSlytherinA crackling log fire44% (237/534)17% (88/506)16% (90/548)21% (89/433)The sea21% (110/534)22% (112/506)18% (99/548)46% (201/433)Fresh parchment16% (83/534)45% (230/506)22% (122/548)15% (66/433)Home19% (104/534)15% (76/506)43% (237/548)18% (77/433)

Graph | Line plots Log Fire | Parchment | Home | Sea

Each house corresponds to one resolution.

Gryffindor = A crackling log hearth.

Ravenclaw = Fresh parchment.

Hufflepuff = Home.

Slytherin = The sea.

One of your house buddies has cheated in a Hogwarts exam by means of the use of a Self-Spelling Quill. Now he has come most sensible of the class in Charms, beating you into 2nd place. Professor Flitwick is suspicious of what happened. He attracts you to one aspect after his lesson and asks you whether or now not your classmate used a forbidden quill. What do you do?

1/6 prevalence, 1692 observations, query set #6

GryffindorRavenclawHufflepuffSlytherinLie and say you don’t know (but hope that any individual else tells Professor Flitwick the truth).17% (72/414)14% (57/408)43% (202/473)18% (72/397)Tell Professor Flitwick that he ought to invite your classmate (and get to the bottom of to inform your classmate that if he doesn’t inform the truth, you are going to).43% (178/414)16% (67/408)22% (103/473)14% (55/397)Tell Professor Flitwick the truth. If your classmate is prepared to win via cheating, he deserves to be came upon. Also, as you are both in the same house, any issues he loses will probably be regained through you, for coming first in his place.22% (90/414)45% (184/408)16% (78/473)19% (76/397)You would not wait to be requested to inform Professor Flitwick the truth. If you knew that somebody was using a forbidden quill, you might tell the trainer earlier than the exam started.18% (74/414)25% (100/408)19% (90/473)49% (194/397)

Graph | Line plots 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Each house corresponds to one resolution.

Gryffindor = Tell Professor Flitwick to ask your classmate.

Ravenclaw = Tell Professor Flitwick the reality.

Hufflepuff = Lie and say you don’t know.

Slytherin = Don't wait and inform ahead of the examination began.

Which of the following do you to find most tricky to maintain?

1/Three incidence, 3354 observations, question set #4

GryffindorRavenclawHufflepuffSlytherinHunger10% (83/798)29% (225/773)28% (276/983)10% (78/800)Cold14% (109/798)14% (105/773)25% (250/983)26% (211/800)Loneliness32% (259/798)13% (99/773)24% (240/983)9% (73/800)Boredom32% (258/798)13% (100/773)10% (100/983)28% (224/800)Being ignored11% (89/798)32% (244/773)12% (117/983)27% (214/800)

Graph | Line plots Hunger | Cold | Loneliness | Boredom | Being neglected

This is an attractive abnormal distribution. Gryffindor and Ravenclaw both have number one solutions and both want 2 solutions. Hufflepuff and Slytherin either score equal or 2nd to any other house, but they both favor Three answers. I feel the ultimate three solutions take advantage of sense given the houses' traits.

Hunger = Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff similarly.

Cold = Hufflepuff and Slytherin equally.

Loneliness = Gryffindor number one and Hufflepuff secondary.

Boredom = Gryffindor number one and Slytherin secondary.

Being ignored = Ravenclaw number one and Slytherin secondary.

You input an enchanted lawn. What would you be maximum curious to inspect first?

1/5 occurrence, 1967 observations, query set #3

GryffindorRavenclawHufflepuffSlytherinThe silver leafed tree bearing golden apples17% (88/512)45% (203/448)18% (104/563)16% (69/444)The fats purple toadstools that seem to be speaking to each other18% (92/512)15% (68/448)42% (236/563)17% (76/444)The bubbling pool, within the depths of which one thing luminous is swirling16% (82/512)22% (97/448)21% (117/563)46% (204/444)The statue of an old wizard with a unusually twinkling eye49% (250/512)18% (80/448)19% (106/563)21% (95/444)

Graph | Line plots Tree | Toadstool | Pool | Statue

Each house corresponds to at least one answer.

Gryffindor = The statue of an previous wizard.

Ravenclaw = The silver leafed tree.

Hufflepuff = The fats purple toadstools.

Slytherin = The bubbling pool.

Four goblets are placed ahead of you. Which would you select to drink?

1/5 occurrence, 1984 observations, question set #3

GryffindorRavenclawHufflepuffSlytherinThe foaming, frothing, silvery liquid that sparkles as although containing ground diamonds.21% (107/501)44% (213/484)19% (109/576)18% (75/423)The clean, thick, richly red drink that provides off a delicious smell of chocolate and plums.19% (95/501)19% (91/484)43% (250/576)20% (85/423)The golden liquid so vibrant that it hurts the attention, and which makes sunspots dance all across the room.41% (207/501)18% (88/484)19% (108/576)19% (79/423)The mysterious black liquid that gleams like ink, and offers off fumes that make you spot ordinary visions.18% (92/501)19% (92/484)19% (109/576)43% (184/423)

Graph | Line plots Silvery liquid | Purple drink | Golden liquid | Black liquid

Each house corresponds to one solution.

Gryffindor = The golden liquid.

Ravenclaw = The foaming, frothing, silvery liquid .

Hufflepuff = The clean, thick, richly purple drink.

Slytherin = The mysterious black liquid.

What kind of software most pleases your ear?

1/5 incidence, 2045 observations, query set #3

GryffindorRavenclawHufflepuffSlytherinThe violin17% (86/506)20% (99/499)20% (113/572)48% (223/468)The trumpet18% (90/506)17% (87/499)44% (253/572)18% (83/468)The piano21% (108/506)46% (228/499)19% (107/572)18% (86/468)The drum44% (222/506)17% (85/499)17% (99/572)16% (76/468)

Graph | Line plots The violin | The trumpet | The piano | The drum

Each house corresponds to at least one solution.

Gryffindor = The drum.

Ravenclaw = The piano.

Hufflepuff = The trumpet.

Slytherin = The violin.

Which of the next would you most hate other people to name you?

1/4 occurrence, 2467 observations, query set #2

GryffindorRavenclawHufflepuffSlytherinOrdinary17% (107/635)18% (104/578)19% (132/709)45% (244/545)Ignorant19% (119/635)50% (288/578)19% (138/709)17% (93/545)Cowardly47% (300/635)17% (97/578)18% (130/709)20% (111/545)Selfish17% (109/635)15% (89/578)44% (309/709)18% (97/545)

Graph | Line plots Ordinary | Ignorant | Cowardly | Selfish

Each house corresponds to 1 resolution. This one may be very glaring given the homes' characteristics.

Gryffindor = Cowardly.

Ravenclaw = Ignorant.

Hufflepuff = Selfish.

Slytherin = Ordinary.

After you might have died, what would you maximum like other folks to do when they hear your name?

1/4 occurrence, 2541 observations, query set #2

GryffindorRavenclawHufflepuffSlytherinMiss you, but smile18% (119/657)16% (97/598)42% (308/732)19% (103/554)Ask for more stories about your adventures46% (300/657)19% (112/598)14% (104/732)19% (105/554)Think with admiration of your achievements18% (121/657)45% (267/598)22% (158/732)17% (94/554)I don't care what other people call to mind me after I'm dead; it is what they call to mind me whilst I'm alive that counts18% (117/657)20% (122/598)22% (162/732)45% (252/554)

Graph | Line plots 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Each house corresponds to one resolution.

Gryffindor = Ask for more tales about your adventures.

Ravenclaw = Think with admiration of your achievements.

Hufflepuff = Miss you, however smile.

Slytherin = I don't care what other folks call to mind me after I'm lifeless.

How do you want to be identified to historical past?

1/Four incidence, 2495 observations, query set #2

GryffindorRavenclawHufflepuffSlytherinThe Wise19% (121/637)46% (272/597)19% (135/698)16% (88/563)The Good17% (108/637)16% (97/597)44% (307/698)17% (95/563)The Great20% (129/637)22% (129/597)20% (141/698)44% (248/563)The Bold44% (279/637)17% (99/597)16% (115/698)23% (132/563)

Graph | Line plots The Wise | The Good | The great | The Bold

Each house corresponds to at least one solution. This may be an obtrusive match with the house traits.

Gryffindor = The Bold.

Ravenclaw = The Wise.

Hufflepuff = The Good.

Slytherin = The Great.

A Muggle confronts you and says that they are sure you are a witch or wizard. Do you:

1/6 prevalence, 1631 observations, question set #6

GryffindorRavenclawHufflepuffSlytherinAsk what makes them think so?17% (70/418)45% (172/381)20% (95/473)17% (60/359)Agree, and ask whether or not they’d like a free sample of a jinx?21% (88/418)17% (63/381)20% (95/473)41% (146/359)Agree, and stroll away, leaving them to wonder if you might be bluffing?47% (195/418)21% (80/381)15% (69/473)23% (82/359)Tell them that you are fearful about their mental well being, and offer to call a doctor.16% (65/418)17% (66/381)45% (214/473)20% (71/359)

Graph | Line plots 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Each house corresponds to one answer.

Gryffindor = Agree, and walk away, leaving them to wonder if you might be bluffing?

Ravenclaw = Ask what makes them think so.

Hufflepuff = Tell them that you're worried about their psychological health.

Slytherin = Agree, and ask whether they’d like a loose pattern of a jinx?

Which nightmare would frighten you maximum?

1/6 prevalence, 1723 observations, query set #6

GryffindorRavenclawHufflepuffSlytherinStanding on top of something very high and figuring out all of sudden that there are not any hand- or footholds, nor any barrier to stop you falling.20% (86/427)46% (196/426)18% (90/491)20% (74/379)An eye at the keyhole of the darkish, windowless room wherein you might be locked.45% (193/427)18% (77/426)17% (84/491)18% (68/379)Waking as much as find that neither your friends nor your family have any idea who you might be.17% (71/427)15% (63/426)45% (219/491)15% (58/379)Being compelled to talk in this sort of foolish voice that barely somebody can perceive you, and everybody laughs at you.18% (77/427)21% (90/426)20% (98/491)47% (179/379)

Graph | Line plots 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Each house corresponds to one solution.

Gryffindor = An eye at the keyhole.

Ravenclaw = Standing on top of something very prime.

Hufflepuff = Your buddies nor your family have any thought who you might be.

Slytherin = Being compelled to speak in this type of foolish voice.

If you had been attending Hogwarts, which puppy would you choose to take with you?

100% occurrence, 10000 observations, query set #7

GryffindorRavenclawHufflepuffSlytherinTabby cat9% (229/2555)5% (125/2391)4% (116/2834)8% (183/2220)Siamese cat7% (186/2555)5% (115/2391)5% (133/2834)12% (260/2220)Ginger cat8% (194/2555)5% (119/2391)5% (140/2834)11% (252/2220)Black cat6% (166/2555)5% (109/2391)5% (138/2834)11% (251/2220)White cat6% (141/2555)5% (131/2391)5% (148/2834)10% (231/2220)Tawny owl6% (149/2555)11% (265/2391)5% (133/2834)4% (91/2220)Screech owl7% (173/2555)9% (221/2391)4% (120/2834)4% (88/2220)Brown owl7% (174/2555)11% (268/2391)5% (139/2834)5% (116/2220)Snowy owl5% (131/2555)7% (169/2391)8% (218/2834)5% (113/2220)Barn owl6% (150/2555)11% (263/2391)5% (131/2834)5% (116/2220)Common toad7% (172/2555)4% (98/2391)12% (328/2834)4% (96/2220)Natterjack toad6% (155/2555)5% (109/2391)11% (323/2834)4% (95/2220)Dragon toad9% (236/2555)5% (122/2391)7% (212/2834)5% (119/2220)Harlequin toad6% (157/2555)4% (100/2391)11% (313/2834)5% (103/2220)Three toed tree toad6% (142/2555)7% (177/2391)9% (242/2834)5% (106/2220)

Graph | Line plots Tabby cat | Siamese cat | Ginger cat | Black cat | White cat | Tawny owl | Screech owl | Brown owl | Snowy owl | Barn owl | Common toad | Natterjack toad | Dragon Toad | Harlequin toad | Three toed tree toad

Gryffindor seems to have a choice for the Dragon toad and the Tabby cat but favors the opposite pets roughly similarly.

Ravenclaw favors owls maximum together with the Three toed tree toad, then cats and toads equally.

Hufflepuff favors toads maximum in conjunction with the Snowy owl, then owls and cats similarly.

Slytherin favors cats maximum (with a slight dislike for the tabby cat), then owls and toads similarly.

Based on these observations I feel the most productive signs for a house are:

Gryffindor = Dragon toad and Tabby cat

Ravenclaw = Tawny owl, Brown owl and Barn owl. Then Screech owl, Snowy owl and Three toed tree toad.

Hufflepuff = Common toad, Natterjack, Harlequin toad. Then Three toed tree toad, Dragon toad and Snowy owl.

Slytherin = All cats (however the Tabby cat is in all probability an indicator of Gryffindor).

Given the selection, would you slightly invent a potion that may ensure you:

1/4 incidence, 2497 observations, question set #2

GryffindorRavenclawHufflepuffSlytherinLove?19% (120/626)18% (113/618)44% (303/695)20% (114/558)Glory?47% (294/626)19% (115/618)17% (118/695)17% (97/558)Wisdom?18% (112/626)43% (268/618)20% (136/695)18% (98/558)Power?16% (100/626)20% (122/618)20% (138/695)45% (249/558)

Graph | Line plots Love | Glory | Wisdom | Power

Each house corresponds to one solution.

Gryffindor = Glory.

Ravenclaw = Wisdom.

Hufflepuff = Love.

Slytherin = Power.

If it's essential to have any energy, which might you choose?

1/3 prevalence, 3332 observations, query set #5

GryffindorRavenclawHufflepuffSlytherinThe energy to read minds10% (70/716)22% (188/851)10% (100/992)22% (173/773)The energy of invisibility33% (235/716)10% (85/851)14% (143/992)13% (98/773)The power of superhuman strength13% (94/716)9% (74/851)26% (253/992)18% (136/773)The energy to talk to animals11% (78/716)19% (160/851)24% (237/992)9% (70/773)The power to change the past18% (130/716)13% (109/851)13% (127/992)28% (220/773)The energy to modify your look at will15% (109/716)28% (235/851)13% (132/992)10% (76/773)

Graph | Line plots Read minds | Invisibility | Superhuman strength | Speak to animals | Change the previous | Change your look

All properties have their own answer and will score on different solutions as smartly.

Gryffindor = Power of invisibility number one, energy to switch the past secondary.

Ravenclaw = The power to change look primary and the facility to read minds (at the side of Slytherin).

Hufflepuff = Superhuman power and the ability to speak to animals each number one.

Slytherin = The energy to change the past number one, superhuman strength (second to Hufflepuff) and tool to read minds secondary (together with Ravenclaw).

Which street tempts you most?

1/6 occurrence, 1646 observations, question set #6

GryffindorRavenclawHufflepuffSlytherinThe huge, sunny, grassy lane18% (81/445)14% (51/363)41% (188/455)18% (68/383)The slender, dark, lantern-lit alley19% (86/445)20% (74/363)17% (76/455)44% (170/383)The twisting, leaf-strewn trail thru woods44% (194/445)22% (81/363)19% (88/455)23% (90/383)The cobbled street coated with historical buildings19% (84/445)43% (157/363)23% (103/455)14% (55/383)

Graph | Line plots 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Each house corresponds to 1 solution.

Gryffindor = The twisting, leaf-strewn trail thru woods.

Ravenclaw = The cobbled street covered with historic constructions.

Hufflepuff = The large, sunny, grassy lane.

Slytherin = The slender, darkish, lantern-lit alley.

Late at night, strolling by myself down the road, you pay attention a extraordinary cry that you just consider to have a paranormal supply. Do you:

1/6 incidence, 1639 observations, query set #6

GryffindorRavenclawHufflepuffSlytherinProceed with warning, conserving one hand for your concealed wand and an eye fixed out for any disturbance?19% (80/423)17% (65/385)43% (210/483)21% (72/348)Draw your wand and take a look at to find the source of the noise?45% (192/423)21% (79/385)17% (82/483)19% (65/348)Draw your wand and stand your ground?17% (71/423)19% (72/385)19% (91/483)42% (146/348)Withdraw into the shadows to look ahead to traits, whilst mentally reviewing the most suitable defensive and offensive spells, will have to trouble happen?19% (80/423)44% (169/385)21% (100/483)19% (65/348)

Graph | Line plots 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Each house corresponds to at least one solution.

Gryffindor = Draw your wand and try to find the supply of the noise.

Ravenclaw = Withdraw into the shadows to look forward to developments.

Hufflepuff = Proceed with caution.

Slytherin = Draw your wand and stand your ground.

What are you maximum taking a look ahead to learning at Hogwarts?

1/Three incidence, 3340 observations, query set #5

GryffindorRavenclawHufflepuffSlytherinApparition and Disapparition (with the ability to materialize and dematerialize at will)19% (197/1012)6% (48/743)9% (80/906)23% (156/679)Transfiguration (turning one object into every other object)9% (88/1012)27% (198/743)13% (114/906)12% (79/679)Flying on a broomstick19% (192/1012)7% (53/743)18% (160/906)9% (58/679)Hexes and jinxes10% (97/1012)11% (82/743)11% (101/906)28% (188/679)All about magical creatures, and methods to befriend/take care of them9% (88/1012)9% (70/743)27% (246/906)10% (65/679)Secrets concerning the castle24% (241/1012)13% (95/743)11% (102/906)9% (63/679)Every house of magic I can11% (109/1012)27% (197/743)11% (103/906)10% (70/679)

Graph | Line plots Apparition and Disapparition | Transfiguration | Flying on a broomstick | Hexes and jinxes | Magical creatures | Secrets concerning the fortress | Every space of magic

Ravenclaw and Slytherin both have two number one solutions. Gryffindor and Hufflepuff have primary solutions and secondary answers.

Gryffindor = Secrets in regards to the fort number one, flying on a broomstick (at the side of Hufflepuff) and Apparition and Disapparition (second to Slytherin) secondary.

Ravenclaw = Transfiguration and each and every house of magic number one.

Hufflepuff = Magical creatures primary, flying on broomstick secondary (in conjunction with Gryffindor).

Slytherin = Hexes and jinxes and Apparition and Disapparition primary.

Which of the following would you maximum like to review?

1/3 prevalence, 3328 observations, query set #5

GryffindorRavenclawHufflepuffSlytherinCentaurs20% (166/827)19% (148/797)8% (75/936)8% (62/768)Goblins10% (80/827)23% (187/797)9% (81/936)16% (120/768)Merpeople9% (76/827)8% (62/797)20% (191/936)20% (152/768)Ghosts24% (197/827)23% (180/797)8% (77/936)6% (46/768)Vampires9% (77/827)12% (94/797)12% (116/936)26% (197/768)Werewolves22% (182/827)8% (63/797)20% (188/936)6% (45/768)Trolls6% (49/827)8% (63/797)22% (208/936)19% (146/768)

Graph | Line plots Centaurs | Goblins | Merpeople | Ghosts | Vampires | Werewolves | Trolls

I'm really not positive if Gryffindor and Ravenclaw rating equally on centaurs and ghosts or if they're both Gryffindor primarily. The same goes for werewolves, the variations on the ones questions are moderately small. For now I'll simply call all of them Gryffindor primary answers. Goblins are clearly related to Ravenclaw, Vampires with Slytherin and Hufflepuff with trolls.

Gryffindor = Werewolves, centaurs and ghosts number one.

Ravenclaw = Goblins number one, centaurs and ghosts secondary.

Hufflepuff = Trolls number one, merpeople (in conjunction with Slytherin) and werewolves (2d to Gryffindor) secondary.

Slytherin = Vampires primary, trolls and merpeople (in conjunction with Hufflepuff) secondary.

A troll has long gone berserk in the Headmaster’s learn about at Hogwarts. It is set to smash, overwhelm and tear several irreplaceable items and treasures. In which order would you rescue those gadgets from the troll’s membership, if it's worthwhile to?

1/Three occurrence, 3302 observations, question set #4

GryffindorRavenclawHufflepuffSlytherinFirst, a just about perfected remedy for dragon pox. Then pupil information going again 1000 years. Finally, a mysterious handwritten ebook stuffed with atypical runes.23% (208/892)10% (82/823)22% (206/920)9% (59/667)First, scholar information going again one thousand years. Then a mysterious handwritten e-book stuffed with odd runes. Finally, a nearly perfected remedy for dragon pox.14% (125/892)11% (94/823)14% (130/920)31% (209/667)First, a mysterious handwritten e-book stuffed with unusual runes. Then a nearly perfected cure for dragon pox. Finally, pupil information going back 1000 years.12% (106/892)30% (247/823)13% (123/920)11% (72/667)First, a nearly perfected cure for dragon pox. Then a mysterious handwritten ebook stuffed with bizarre runes. Finally, scholar records going again a thousand years.29% (257/892)12% (96/823)12% (107/920)13% (89/667)First pupil records going again one thousand years. Then, a just about perfected remedy for dragon pox. Finally, a mysterious handwritten ebook full of unusual runes.13% (113/892)10% (79/823)28% (253/920)11% (75/667)First, a mysterious handwritten ebook filled with extraordinary runes. Then student data going again a thousand years. Finally, a just about perfected remedy for dragon pox.9% (83/892)27% (225/823)11% (101/920)24% (163/667)

Graph | Line plots 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Here each and every house has two appreciated solutions. The defining characteristics for the four properties are most certainly as follows:

Gryffindor cares maximum a couple of just about perfected cure for dragon pox.

Ravenclaw cares most concerning the mysterious guide filled with strange runes.

Hufflepuff cares least in regards to the mysterious manual stuffed with peculiar runes.

Slytherin cares least about a nearly perfected remedy for dragon pox.

The first and closing question comprise characteristics from 2 properties, so those houses ranking more or less equally.

Which would you slightly be:

1/Three prevalence, 3344 observations, question set #4

GryffindorRavenclawHufflepuffSlytherinEnvied?10% (84/865)24% (190/795)10% (97/931)24% (183/753)Imitated?16% (141/865)31% (243/795)13% (121/931)12% (89/753)Trusted?23% (199/865)8% (63/795)23% (210/931)9% (66/753)Praised?24% (206/865)11% (87/795)11% (106/931)19% (144/753)Liked?15% (128/865)12% (94/795)29% (270/931)10% (77/753)Feared?12% (107/865)15% (118/795)14% (127/931)26% (194/753)

Graph | Line plots Envied | Imitated | Trusted | Praised | Liked | Feared

I feel here every house has it's number one solution where it dominates and a secondary solution where it scores equally to some other house.

Gryffindor = Praised primarily, depended on secondarily (along side Hufflepuff).

Ravenclaw = Imitated basically, envied secondarily (along with Slytherin).

Hufflepuff = Liked essentially, depended on secondarily (together with Gryffindor).

Slytherin = Feared basically, envied secondarily (along with Ravenclaw).

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