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An acronym is formed from the preliminary letters of words in a phrase or identify and pronounced as its own word. When you are taking the primary letter of every phrase in a word or identify, it's going to sometimes create a humorous acronym, but it is amusing to reverse the process and make an acronym phrase stand for a foolish word.What Car Names Really Stand For (FUNNY) (What Car Names Really Stand For) Dodge Dead Or Dying Garbage Emitter Drips Oil, Drops Grease, Everywhere.Fort Dodge, IA, USA - Fort Dodge Regional Airport (Airport Code) FOD: Full Organizational Designation: FOD: Field Officer of the Day: FOD: Facilities Operations and Development (Columbus, Ohio, USA) FoD: Fellowship of Dragons: FOD: Freight on Delivery: FOD: Front of Dash (car production) FOD: Friends of Dave: FOD: Financial Operationsone thing that simply is not proper. He is conflicted to flip the desk. he stares perpetually into the table's polished picket. He gazes upon the earth in wonderment. he throws caution to the wind and grabs it by its side.But then he stops. He looks at the flooring surrounding him.Fucker Only Runs Downhill. The Ford Motor Company is currently the second one greatest carmaker on Earth.FoMoCo

What Car Names Really Stand For (FUNNY)

Looking for on-line definition of DODGE or what DODGE stands for? DODGE is indexed in the World's greatest and maximum authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free DictionaryFor each and every logo you'll call to mind a unique automobile acronym and the automotive global does not appear to mind. Well who would thoughts these funny automotive acronyms that make you smile whilst you consider your car. Think in regards to the folks that invented those automobile acronyms for each emblem.. it seems that their care of vehicles has…Dirty Car Acronyms Jokes, Sick Car Acronyms Joke, Funny Car Acronyms Jokes, Gross Car Acronyms Jokes. Car Acronyms: ACURA Another Crummy, Useless, Rotten Automobile DODGE Drips Oil & Drops Grease Everywhere Damn Old Dirty Gas Eater Dead Old Dog Going East Dead On Day Guarantee ExpiresThe joke was once susceptible anyway. Yes, for the 2021 style year, the Challenger Scat Pack Shaker and T/A 392 variants of Dodge's large coupe will probably be introduced with the Widebody remedy.

What Car Names Really Stand For (FUNNY)

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A Dodge Challenger Hellcat is roaring in the course of the mountains when little mx-5 catches as much as it. The Hellcat pushes tougher, onerous on the fuel at the straights, laborious on the brakes ahead of the turns. But no matter what the Hellcat does, the mx-5 remains to be right on the Hellcat.MUSTANG -Men Usually Stand Together And Never Go. NISSAN -Nine Idiots Standing, Saying Absolutely Nothing NISSAN -Needless Innovations, Silly, Stupid, Automotive Nonsense. OLDSMOBILE -Oh, Look, Dammit! Some Massive Oil Burning Idiot's Leaking Everything. OLDSMOBILE -Old Ladies Driving Slowly Make Others Behind Infuriatingly Late Every day.Mopar is the portions, service and buyer care department of the former Chrysler Corporation, now owned by means of Netherlands-based automotive manufacturer Stellantis.They function a primary OEM accent dealer for Stellantis manufacturers underneath the Mopar emblem. The title is a portmanteau of the phrases "MOtor" and "PARts".The phrase "Mopar" is also used as a nickname by means of enthusiasts of Chrysler-built products toi hate dodge and someone who can give me funny stands for jokes i would like that. BEST resolution will get the points!!! Source(s): dodge stands for: https://tr.im/zAyrlJoke DODGE abbreviation which means outlined right here. What does DODGE stand for in Joke? Get the highest DODGE abbreviation associated with Joke.

DODGE Joke Abbreviation


Central Processing Unit

Technology, Computing, TechnicalLCD

Liquid Crystal Display

Technology, Computing, TechnicalMIL

Malfunction Indicator Lamp

Automotive, Car, Automotive SystemsJEEP

Junk Engineered, Executed Poorly

Automotive Humour, Car, Car BrandHz


Technology, Computing, TechnicalLPG

Liquid Petroleum Gas

Automotive, Engineering, SafetyALC

Automatic Level Control

Computing, Technology, AutomotiveCAN

Controller Area Network

Technology, Electronics, EngineeringMAP

Manifold Absolute Pressure

Aviation, Automotive, Mechanical EngineeringLED

Light Emitting Diode

Technology, Computing, Electronics

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