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Getting all the feathers is a grind and tedious for me. (*2*) different questions tagged assassins-creed-2 or ask your individual query.All Feather (*2*) - Assassin's Creed II. By and 1 collaborators. A information at the location of every feather in AC2. A wikiHow on the place to find all 100 feathers in Assassins Creed 2. And what to do with them after accumulating a certain quantity.(*2*) Creed 2 Местонахождение всех перьев. Venice Feathers - Assassins Creed II Collectibles.A wikiHow on the place to find all 100 feathers in Assassins (*2*) 2. And what to do with them after amassing a specific amount. The first 3 or 4 feathers you find might be for your 3rd undertaking which you need to give in your brother. The others you have to to find on your own like a little mini recreation to get...The highest video information for locating every feather, glyph and statuette in Assassin's (*2*) 2. To get started, click at the icon of a town on the map underneath. The most efficient solution to to find all the name of the game locations is to play the game together with the video, pausing as important, and accumulate each and every feather in...

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Download Game Guide PDF, ePUB & iBooks. Assassin's Creed II Game Guide by means of Get at the beams protruding from the wall - the feather is on the second one beam.Feathers have been markers utilized by the Assassins to turn out that they had successfully assassinated their targets. However, after the fall of the Levantine Order, the feather mostly misplaced its importance. In the Renaissance, Ezio Auditore da Firenze accrued feathers for his younger brother, Petruccio...19. Assassin's Creed II Feathers. Once you end Memory 07 of Sequence 01, the place it's a must to gather a few feathers for Ezio's more youthful brother, you'll be able to collect feathers in a more open method. There are on moderate about nine feathers in line with district of a location, and there are one hundred general.Assassins Creed 2 100% (*2*) Checklist - everything you want to get 100% final touch + a detailed map of all locations! Note: In addition to the pieces underneath you can want to 100% sync all 14 major sequence missions, totally renovate Monteriggioni, and buy the whole thing from the shops...

assassin's creed 2 feather locations - Bing

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There are quite a few side-missions and issues to collect right through the sport that experience various affects in your in-game experience or the meta-game of synchronizing with Desmond. While now not the whole thing you gather will help Ezio throughout the game...Forget Assassin's Creed 2's invigoration of Italy's complex Renaissance politics; disregard the fact that you can witness astonishing Who cares about any of that after there may be treasure chests and feathers scattered around its open international? (*2*) all the feathers would possibly not get you a couple of wings like...There are 100 Feathers to gather in Assassin's Creed II. Twenty-seven of the Feathers are in Florence, 4 are in Monteriggioni, 11 are in Tuscany, 12 are in Romagna, and forty six are in Venice. You'll have to growth throughout the tale to collect all of a town's Feathers, since now not each district is...Unlock awesome new Assassin's Creed 2 feathers places and achievements with the tips on this information. Find The Truth locations, we trade (*2*) in-game feather places may also be viewed under. These maps show ALL feather and glyph locations. Click on them for a full-screen view to see...Literally went through all 100 feathers and now can't to find the final one. I'm not asking if there is some place I will test and see all the places of all 99 feathers I were given; I just need something that gives a run down of the towns and what number of fathers you've gathered in every.

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There are a variety of side-missions and issues to gather all through the sport that experience more than a few affects to your in-game revel in or the meta-game of synchronizing with Desmond. While not the whole lot you collect will help Ezio throughout the sport, you'll be able to usually succeed in higher synchronization with Desmond through amassing more pieces. This synchronization is not a part of the sport and shouldn't be perplexed with Ezio's synchronization bar, which acts like a well being meter.

To see your growth damaged down by means of city, look both to your DNA for viewpoints, treasure, feathers and side-missions; in the Database for assassin's tombs and glyphs; or to your sister's ledger on the villa for growth for your native land and other collections.


There are four kinds of side-missions, which can be finished for additonal florins and higher synchronization between Desmond and Ezio. Each project type has its personal icon on the map, so they are easy to locate. Side-missions are unlocked by way of completing recollections in the DNA sequences.


For races you merely have to run through a chain of location markers inside a undeniable cut-off date. Only the following marker is proven – as a green goal icon at the map, and as a small white whirlwind to your customary view. These races consist principally of free-running and would possibly take multiple attempt to determine the correct path or even to know where the following marker is, as they are laborious to identify once in a while. Guards will nonetheless act in most cases all over races, and your path is over rooftops many times, so take their movements into account.

Courier assignments

These missions require you to take letter to other people in the city. These are fairly simple with generous deadlines.

Beat up occasions

Beat up missions have you locating a woman's cheating partner or boyfriend and melee preventing him until he submits. In later missions you'll be able to only be given the general area of the objective, so use eagle vision and look in out of the best way puts where an adulterer may be able to in finding some privateness together with his mistress.

Assassination contracts

By a long way the biggest portion of side-missions, Lorenzo de Medici will activity you with more than a few assignments to smash his enemies' plans. Assassination contracts may also be began from pigeon coops on rooftops, and there are in most cases two or 3 in a town. The missions are the similar irrespective of where you start them. In normal you'll want to find and kill the targets, despite the fact that once in a while there will probably be special provisions like not the use of guns or no longer being seen.

(*2*) renovation[edit]

One of the side-plots of the sport is Ezio's paintings towards fixing up his ancestral house. The whole the city is in disrepair, with many shops and services and products unavailable. When you move some distance enough to visit (*2*), you'll be tasked with taking at the repair of the town, with the assistance of an architect and your sister Claudia as bookkeeper. You'll additionally start incomes an income from visitors to the town, and the easier you are making it, the more site visitors will increase and fill your coffers with florins. Your sister and the architect are located within the bottom floor room to the appropriate when getting into your villa's front door. There you'll look at the books, commission the architect or obtain any collected source of revenue.

Your money is collected each 20 mins of play time, and is deposited into the chest at the back of your sister. You can either clutch the coins at once from the chest, or you may have the way to collect it whilst studying your accounts ledger. As you upgrade your villa, you'll earn extra florins and you can see a breakdown of how much each and every part of your renovation is producing in Claudia's e-book. Your income is capped through the amount of money the chest can grasp, so you'll periodically wish to come again the villa and select it up if you wish to keep earning florins. Your chest's capability also will increase with the town's renovations.


These retail outlets are open in your the city, however want to be upgraded. Talk to the architect and choose one of the vital following for him to renovate. For the malls the place you'll be able to acquire items (all of them with the exception of the bank), you can obtain 5, 10 and 15% reductions on the first, 2nd and 3rd renovations, respectively.

Shop Cost Renovation 1 Renovation 2 Renovation 3 Art Merchant 1,000 5,000 8,000 Bank 1,500 5,000 9,000 Blacksmith N/A 7,000 12,000 Doctor N/A 3,000 5,000 Tailor 1,000 2,500 5,000 Renovations[edit]

These are one time purchases that your architect will build for you. You'll see a bigger difference in source of revenue by renovating the ones described "greatly" expanding the city's worth sooner than those that simply increase the worth.

Renovation Cost Brothel 3,000 Mines 4,000 Church 4,000 Military Barracks 3,000 Thieves Guild 3,000 Well 4,000 Collections[edit]

As you gather more than a few items, you will incrementally increase your the city's source of revenue. The pieces that you simply purchase in stores build up the villa's price straight away, while codex pages, feathers and seals will all should be taken to the fitting puts first. When any certain collection is done, you might also obtain a collection crowning glory bonus. The fashions are found within the middle tables within the armor room, and are received as you play throughout the recreation.

Collectible Total quantity Incremental worth Total price Completion bonus Codex Pages 30 5 150 1,000 Feathers 100 10 1,000 N/A Models 2 80 160 1,000 Seals 6 25 150 2,000 Paintings 30 ?–? 3,600 3,000 Assassination portraits 9 50 450 1,000 Weapons 22 ?–? 10,850 2,000 Leather Armor 4 ?–? 460 1,000 Helmschmied Armor 4 ?–? 1,255 1,000 Metal Armor 4 ?–? 2,135 1,500 Missaglias Armor 4 ?–? 3,790 1,500 Armor of Altaïr 4 N/A 3,500 N/A

Assassination portraits[edit]

On the second one ground of the villa, in the corridor between your mom's room and the back of the home, you'll be able to discover a stairway to the attic. Here you can in finding portraits of all the targets Ezio has assassinated. During the game the overall selection of goals is stored secret, but each portrait you bought will upload in your villa's overall worth. They aren't within the corridor, those are items of art purchased by means of Ezio. The Assassin portraits are on a higher ground within Ezios room.

Codex pages[edit]

Codex pages are encrypted papers written by means of Altaïr, the ancestor Desmond controlled within the first sport, Assassin's Creed. After the sport ended, Altaïr turned into the leader of the Brotherhood (Al Mualim's previous position), and saved a file of the assassins' interplay with the world and his own experiments with the Piece of Eden he bought.

You receive some Codex pages while you've taken out probably the most main objectives and the remaining are scattered all through Italy in guarded rooms. The ones that come from assassination targets will typically provide you with an upgraded piece of kit, and you additionally get an additional square on your synchronization bar for each 4 pages you gather. You can see Codex web page locations for your map for those who've synchronized the viewpoint in that space. The places are most often inside of buildings with the entrance guarded by way of two to four guards that will wish to be either dispatched or distracted by your allies prior to you can input.

The pages are put at the wall in a back room at your villa in (*2*), but they must be decoded first. Only Leonardo can decode Codex pages for you, so you can need to take them to him earlier than going on your villa. In the start of the game, Leonardo will most effective be to be had all through sure times, but afterward you'll be able to see his icon on your map you probably have any undeciphered pages to your inventory.

Codex pages are required to be accrued; Sequence 14 would possibly not start until you've gotten them all. When you get to the last sequence you've sooner than Sequence 14, in the event you should not have all the pages you'll be able to be sent back out into the sector to seek out them all. A map showing the positioning of all Codex pages is acquired in Sequence 12, and after you have it a continual counter appearing how many you may have accumulated will be displayed on the display. At this level, Leonardo might be at your villa, so carry the pages you collect back there to be decoded.

Once the pages are deciphered it is possible for you to to learn Altaïr's writings or take a look at his illustrations. Once you have put the pages on the wall, they may be able to be circled 90° at a time to fit a larger development. The trend can handiest be noticed through using eagle imaginative and prescient. The pattern is a huge map of the sector with a definite vault's location marked on it.

Assassin's tombs and seals[edit]

Underneath your villa, accessible from the room with the codex pages, you'll be able to in finding the Sanctuary, which properties Altaïr's tomb and statues of earlier legendary Assassins. You can read bios on every of the statues, and you can see some armor atop Altaïr's sarcophagus at the back of a locked gate. Your uncle tells you that each of the six locks at the gate correspond to six Assassins' tombs situated all the way through Italy. If you to find the tombs and acquire the seals, you'll bring them back to the Sanctuary to open the gate and get Altaïr's armor. Though it has the same blended stats as the Missaglias armor, it has a special glance and not needs to be repaired.

Once you catch up with Volpe all through the course of the sport, you'll learn to spot and open the name of the game entrances to the Assassins' tombs. At this level, all the entrances will be marked on your map while you get to that house. All Assassins' tombs are limited spaces, so your alert status will probably be completely infamous when you are in there and guards will assault on sight. Although the tombs regularly include some guards, they are basically long workouts in platforming. When you find the Assassin's sarcophagus, you can open it to get the seal and the reminiscence ends when you are taking a secret go out out of the tomb. The tombs may additionally include secret areas that have an extra treasure chest or two in them.

Store-bought pieces[edit]

Many of your collections might be finished via purchasing pieces in the stores situated in cities. Nearly all guns and armor will probably be obtained at a blacksmith, pouches will also be acquired at tailors, and paintings will bought at artwork traders. You gets get admission to to raised weapons and armor as you progress within the sport, so you can wish to continue checking back in with the blacksmiths periodically. Altaïr's Sword and the Condotierro War Hammer are handiest to be had on the (*2*) blacksmith, and the war hammer only after you may have delivered 50 feathers in your mom. Altaïr's armor is received by way of discovering all the seals situated in quite a lot of assassin's tombs.

For pouches, you can wish to first acquire the thing that it incorporates, and later larger pouches would possibly change into available. Each town has different art for sale, so you'll be able to need to buy all the artwork in every location.

Glyphs don't depend toward your the town's wealth, and Ezio doesn't acquire anything by way of discovering and unlocking them. They do supply Desmond with a better synchronization with Ezio regardless that, and so they help to fill in the meta-story by way of uncovering "The Truth". The glyphs were placed by way of Subject 16, the take a look at topic Abstergo used in the Animus ahead of Desmond. He spent manner an excessive amount of time in the Animus and it drove him crazy and ultimately killed him. Before that happened, he discovered secrets and techniques about the world and what the Templars are up to, and cut up the tips up into 20 encrypted items and spread them all through the Animus' programming.

Although Ezio is not aware of the glyphs, as they're not in truth in his world, Desmond can see them during the Animus. The glyphs are located on primary landmarks in cities, although they may not be marked for your map. When transferring through a city, you can every now and then see Database popups while you run into one thing new or notable. When you might be at a landmark with a glyph on it, the popup will have a crimson eye icon on it. You too can cycle during the places within the Database, and places with glyphs may have the icon on the most sensible left corner. If you haven't found the glyph yet, the icon can be unblinking and red, if you've discovered the glyph however haven't deciphered it, it is going to be blinking and pink, and if you happen to've discovered and deciphered it, the icon will likely be grayed out.

Glyphs can also be arduous to search out, as they are not marked for your map. They are in most cases located at the massive, dark grey buildings in your map, so test there first. If you are unsure, try matching the picture from the Database with the construction you might be investigating. When you find a glyph on a building, get as regards to it and pass into eagle vision to download a work of The Truth to Desmond's head. Each piece requires that you determine a puzzle prior to it will unlock. If you successfully entire the puzzle, a small part of The Truth knowledge circulate might be unlocked and viewable as a brief movie clip. Once all 20 pieces had been decoded, they are put together into a unmarried movie. If you surrender out of a puzzle with out completing it, it is going to be saved in The Truth section of the Database, marked with the red eye icon. You can go back at any time to attempt to remedy it.


Feathers are found during the game and contain the hardest assortment to complete. Feathers are not marked in your map; they are in out of the best way, arduous to get to places; and so they simplest give off a slight glitch signature in standard view or even in eagle imaginative and prescient. For obtaining 50 feathers, the Condotierro War Hammer will become to be had in the (*2*) blacksmith, and for collecting all A hundred you can get the Auditore cape. As with glyphs, feathers will building up the synchronization between Desmond and Ezio.


In (*2*) there are eight statuettes, every representing a special Roman god. Like feathers, these won't be marked in your map, but they're more straightforward to seek out as they give off higher glitch signatures and are in more uncomplicated to reach puts. There are 4 pedestals surrounding the back of your villa, and each one has spots for 2 of the statuettes. You can read the inscriptions to peer which two gods go on some of the pedestals. When you put both statuettes on the pedestal, you'll obtain 2,000 florins, which is a hefty sum at the time when they first transform to be had. This offers you some just right starting capital for renovating your town.


Treasures don't upload to your villa's worth or provide any further synchronization for Desmond; they're purely for collection and the small little bit of florins they each and every contain. Treasure chests are small red and yellow packing containers discovered all through Italy, both out and in of towns. They give off a large glitch signature, so are easy to identify. In addition, you'll purchase treasure maps from artwork traders for the more than a few districts in that town. Because they're to your map, they are moderately simple to search out, if not to get entry to. There are 330 treasures in overall.

Many chests will probably be guarded by means of one or more guards either out in the open, in a walled off house, or inside rooms like the Codex pages. Most of the ones being guarded outdoor or in the back of partitions will also be acquired without bothering with the guard, in most cases by hopping over the wall or simply strolling round behind them. For treasures inside of structures being guarded by means of two or four guards, it would be best to use the similar tactics as for Codex pages – kill them off yourself or distract them with considered one of your best friend teams. When they are positioned in a guarded room you'll normally find two chests there.

In Assassin's tombs and Templar lairs, there are more chests, each in secret spaces which are laborious to search out as you're making your way through, and on the end of the memory, across the sarcophagus or Templar treasure.


Like treasures, viewpoints do not add to your the town's net value and do not affect Desmond's synchronization. They don't even give you any further florins. Even so, they are extraordinarily necessary for purchasing round in any town. Unlike the primary sport, not best is your full map obscured with out synchronizing on the most sensible of a perspective, however so is your mini-map. This makes it extraordinarily laborious to find your means across the circuitous town streets, and you'll steadily want to make quick choices as you might be completing an purpose or working from guards.

Any time you open up a brand new area, one viewpoint icon shall be proven in your map. After synchronizing there, the rest of the viewpoints shall be displayed in conjunction with the territory round it. Synchronizing more viewpoints will reveal more of the map and the goals within it, equivalent to Codex pages and side-missions. Most of the 73 viewpoints within the recreation may also be climbed with none downside, however a few in Venice would require that you understand the mountain climbing soar to get admission to out of achieve ledges. Every standpoint in the game has a leap of faith you can use, however you'll want to check the bottom sooner than leaping off those that can go in any path like the tops of crosses.

Templar lairs[edit]

The Templar lairs don't seem to be a part of the fundamental recreation and only come with particular editions or sure downloadable content. For console versions, the White edition comes with the Templar lair in Florence, and the Black and Master's Assassin versions include all 3 lairs to be had. If the traditional or White model was purchased, you'll be able to additionally acquire get admission to to all 3 lairs by means of downloading the improved model of Sequence 13. For the Windows version, you get access to all 3 lairs by way of purchasing the Black edition of the sport.

Templar lairs are much like Assassin's tombs, as it's a must to to find your manner via a big structure with a lot of platforming and you can on occasion must take care of guards. As in tombs, there are secret areas to find that include treasure chests. At the tip of the lair, instead of opening a sarcophagus, you get to open a Templar treasure, price hundreds of florins.

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