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Welcome to Good Burger, house of the Good Burger. Can I take your order? Well, it's about time. Can I am getting two Good Burgers? Oh, sorry, dude, I have to move get 'em. Customers don't seem to be allowed in back. Just give me two Good Burgers! Dude, I simply cannot give you two Good Burgers. You have to pay for 'em. Forget it! Forget it! I've had it up to hereKurt Bozwell is the main antagonist of the 1997 Nickelodeon comedy movie Good Burger. He is the landlord and manager of Mondo Burger and the arch-enemy of both Ed and Dexter. His purpose is to place Good Burger out of business and make Mondo Burger the #1 rapid food chain on this planet. He used to be portrayed by means of retired actor Jan Schweiterman.Zo's Good Burger®, Enjoy the good existence.® the concentric oval design, and similar logos are the property of Zo's Good Burger IP Holder LLC.One of the best techniques to indulge this burger craving is to head over to the purple and white facade of your native Five Guys Burgers and Fries.Five Guys is massive. They have opened nearly 1,500 locations since 1986 and feature any other 1,500 in construction. You may even fulfill your Five Guys craving in case you are vacationing in Hong Kong.And there's a lot to crave about Five Guys, because their burgersThe clearest competition to Five Guys are Shake Shack (round 2 hundred total places), Smashburger (370), Habit Burger (250), and Fat Burger (over 200). The concept of fast-food burger chains versus

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Burgers & Fries. since 1986. Welcome to Five Guys Order. Carousel content material begins. Join The Team. Carousel content ends. Gift Cards Balance Inquiry Purchase a Gift Card Fans The Five Guys Story Five Guys GearSpatch, the pinnacle fry cook dinner at Good Burger, used to be played by Ron Lester. In Good Burger, Lester's persona provides some much-needed comic reduction for his co-workers, and after showing in this film,...Good Burger is a 1997 American comedy movie directed through Brian Robbins starring Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell. It advanced from the comedy cartoon of the similarEnter your location to see which film theaters are playing Good Burger near you. ENTER CITY, STATE OR ZIP CODE GO. Fandango FANALERT® Sign up for a FANALERT® to determine when tickets are to be had to your area. Also sign me up for FanMail to get updates on all issues motion pictures: tickets, special gives, screenings + more.

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Of all of the burgers on their menu, it's the Zydeco this is getting national consideration — and for good reason. This dangerous boy is a cheeseburger that has been supercharged by the addition of bacon, onion straws, lettuce, and tomato. To kick things up a notch, cajun horseradish is added as the final touch."But when I put a well in the burger, it kind of looks like a funny shape, but it plumps back up to the original shape that you want the burger to be in." 3. Use a flat cooking floor.It adopted Ed (Kel Mitchell) and Dexter (Kenan Thompson), two adorable if no longer moronic teenagers compelled to save their favourite rapid meals joint, and position of employment, Good Burger, which is being...Synopsis: Dexter Reed, a high-schooler is forced to get a summer time job at a fast meals restaurant called Good Burger after causing a automotive break through his faculty instructor Mr. Wheat. So Dexter must repay his teacher's automobile through working very laborious at Good Burger. Meanwhile issues became worse when Mondo Burger, a mammoth fast-food chain opens around the street, it looks like Good Burger is soon going to beWho the hell is ringing those cowbells?Twitter:

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Full Name

Kurt Bozwell

Alias Boss

Mondo Idiot (by means of Dexter Reed and Ed)


Good Burger


CEO and Manager of Mondo Burger (formerly)

Powers/Skills Business management


Hobby Verbally abusing his employees once they point out the obvious.

Mentioning "the grinder".Belittling Good Burger and its workers

Goals Put Good Burger into bankruptcy and make Mondo Burger the number one speedy meals chain on this planet.

Avoid getting caught by authorities.Find out Ed's sauce recipe to make his burgers more scrumptious and delightful.Incriminate Ed & Dexter to be spies and frauds so as to claim precaution to Mondo Burger's assurance of protection (all failed).

Crimes Abuse (either one of energy and place)

Illegal food constructionBreaking and enteringFelonyFood poisoningAttempted poisoningSabotageIncriminationConspiracy

Type of Villain

Greedy Rival

“ You mess with Kurt, and also you pass into the grinder. „ ~ Kurt Bozwell's famous catchphrase.

Kurt Bozwell is the primary antagonist of the 1997 Nickelodeon comedy movie Good Burger. He is the landlord and manager of Mondo Burger and the arch-enemy of each Ed and Dexter.

His objective is to position Good Burger into bankruptcy and make Mondo Burger the #1 fast meals chain in the world.

He used to be portrayed by means of retired actor Jan Schweiterman.


Kurt Bozwell is easiest described as rude, egotistical, boastful, aloof, heartless and egocentric. He throws lots of insults, boasts and slam-downs to near to everyone. Kurt may be extremely abusive to his Mondo workers and can forestall at not anything to place Good Burger out of business. Kurt uses the illegal chemical Triampathol to make his burgers giant and enormous. He states that he doesn't know what uncomfortable side effects his burger-growth chemical substances have on shoppers, nor does he care. Thus he has no regard for the well-being of his Mondo consumers—only for the cash and recognition they offer to his restaurant. He crosses the line when he drops shark poison into Ed's sauce, not being concerned in any respect that it would critically harm and even kill a number of innocent folks.

All in all, Kurt's greed and obsession of his eating place being #1 even though he needed to do unlawful issues to make it occur, ends up in his restaurant's downfall as well as his personal.


In an try for pay for the damages belonging to his teacher, Dexter Reed (one of the most main protagonists of the film) tries to work for Kurt at Mondo Burger, but Kurt fired Dexter for horsing round, so Dexter made up our minds to go operating for Good Burger. However, Kurt is disenchanted that Good Burger is rising in popularity due to a brand new sauce created by means of Dexter's good friend Ed (the opposite protagonist). Figuring that Good Burger won't stand an opportunity if Mondo Burger has larger burgers and Ed's sauce, Kurt attempts to steal the recipe (corresponding to providing Ed a job at Mondo Burger—which he declines and seeking to get sexy lady Roxanne to seduce Ed to expose the sauce recipe), most effective to fail a number of instances.

Dexter and Ed later be told that something is fallacious with Mondo Burger once they attempt to feed a canine with it, because the canine does no longer if truth be told like it. Suspicious about this, the two disguises themselves as ladies and went to Mondo Burger, the place they came upon that Kurt has been making bigger burgers by means of the use of an illegal chemical called Triampathol. They try to inform the government, however Kurt (having spotted them thru their disguises) had his henchmen Troy and Griffin to confess the 2 into the Demented Hills asylum to stop them from spilling the beans about the illegal chemical.

Later, Kurt comes to a decision that if he can not have Ed's sauce, nobody can. That night, he and his cohorts sneak into Good Burger and spike Ed's sauce with shark poison when Otis, the elderly worker at Good Burger, catches them within the act. Kurt explains that his shark poison will put Good Burger into bankruptcy once several consumers get food poisoning by means of the next day in order that Mondo Burger will be the sole burger joint in town. He then has Otis admitted to the asylum as effectively.

However, Dexter, Ed and Otis manage to flee Demented Hills and warn the group of workers of Good Burger about Kurt's intentions. Dexter and Ed then head over to Mondo Burger to get a hold of one in every of Kurt's Triampathol canisters, making plans to show it over to the authorities. While Dexter distracts Kurt and his goons, Ed sneaks over to seize a Triampathol canister. As Ed reaches for a can, he unintentionally knocks one over and it falls in the meat vat, spilling the illegal chemical into it. This offers him an concept. He then grabs all the cans and purposefully pours all the Triampathol into Mondo Burger's meat supply.

As Kurt corners Dexter and Ed, the latter smugly unearths he poured all of the chemical into the vat, causing the burgers as they go through the grill to develop enormous and explode. This causes the restaurant to shake violently, and the customers and staff flee from the scene. Kurt, Troy and Griffin try to close down the grill, however one of the most monumental burgers explodes of their faces inflicting them to escape with others while the eating place undergoes excessive damage as it collapses.

The scene then draws numerous policemen and firemen, the place they find the Triampathol brought on in the rest Mondo burgers, thus exposing Kurt of his true colors. Kurt is arrested whilst Troy and Griffin are puzzled by means of other policemen. After Ed and Dexter confessed of Kurt's use of the unlawful meals components to make the burgers giant and beefy, Kurt yells that they're lying, desperately seeking to save face however the officers already found the remaining Triampathol canisters, figuring out too much now that Kurt is the actual good for not anything heartless liar, so that they take Kurt to prison. As the cops lead a humiliated Kurt away and position him at the back of a police car, Dexter and Ed taunt him and yell "Hey, hey, remember: when you mess with Good Burger... YOU go in the grinder!" Thus with Mondo Burger close down, Ed and Dexter are praised as heroes for saving Good Burger.


“ Within two years, Mondo Burger's going to be the most important burger chain in the world! „ ~ Kurt Bozwell “ From now on, your life is Mondo Burger. You can forget about your friends, you'll be able to overlook about your family, as a result of Kurt is now both your mom and your father. „ ~ Kurt Bozwell to his workers. “ (Dexter: Kurt will have to glance awfully abnormal bare.) WHO stated that!? Who talked while Kurt was once speaking? (Griffin: It was once him! He uttered something). What I will have to've recognized. (Dexter: I'm sorry I uttered.). You assume you are funny, do not you bro? You know what, Mondo Burger, there are not any comedians. „ ~ Kurt after Dexter made a funny story about him. “ Man, this position is probably the most nauseating, pathetic hollow I've ever seen. I imply, what kinda diseased maggot would even imagine eating right here? „ ~ Kurt while arriving at Good Burger along with his right hand-men. “ (Mockingly) Well, Ed. (Normal) You better watch your butt, guy! „ ~ Kurt insulting Ed. “ I simply suppose you Good Burger losers must bear in mind, that tonight is the grand opening of Mondo Burger. The 2d we open our doorways, Good Burger goes within the grinder! „ ~ Kurt Bozwell telling the Good Burger employees that his Mondo Burger opens this night and will put the former into chapter 11. “ Kitchen. (Intercom: Yes, sir). Make our burgers larger. (Intercom: Bigger? But they are alread--?) Bigger! BIGGER! Now let's examine Good Burger handle burgers 3 times the scale of their very own. „ ~ Kurt's indignant breakdown on an intercom. “ That coils it, you guys are grass! „ ~ Kurt threatening to do something nasty to Ed and Dexter. “ Alright punk, the sport is over. „ ~ Kurt to Dexter Reed. “ Man, you might be out of your minds. You loopy, man! You know who I'm!? Huh!? „ ~ Kurt Bozwell's closing phrases ahead of going to prison.



Kurt insulting Good Burger.

Kurt's defeat as he is going "into the grinder" for all of his crimes after being exposed of his true colours.

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In his evaluation of the movie, the Nostalgia Critic made a number of jokes about how unrealistically seriously Kurt used to be taking his job by, all the way through his generic evil rants, slicing back and forth to a clip of Adolf Hitler speaking to his fans and including subtitles to make it look like he was ranting about making a "fast food master race."


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