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ROYAL DOULTON Merlin Large Character Jug D7117 - Limited Edition IT STANDS APPROX 7.". TALL AND WAS ISSUED 1998 IN A SPECIAL EDITION OF 1500 PIECES WITH THIS BEING NUMBER 193. WAS DESIGNED BY ROBERT TABBENOR.Character jugs are among the most popular collectibles produced by Royal Doulton. They were presented in 1934 on the Burslem Pottery in Stoke-on-Trent and new designs were added to the collection till 2011. Hundreds of various characters from literature, legend and actual existence have been offered to the collection.Buy Doulton Rare in Royal Doulton Character & Toby Jugs and get the best deals on the lowest costs on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many piecesArtful, detailed, and manufactured to the perfect standards, Royal Doulton jugs are a few of the maximum sought after by means of collectors. These values for individual Toby and character jugs are derived from a lot of sources include costs learned at auctions and dealer tariffs.1960' s & 1970' s: In 1966, Royal Doulton wa s in a position to acquire protection in each and every country and by 1973, the Regi s tration Number s (RN) have been utterly pha s ed out on Character and Toby Jug s. By 1973 there i s not more s hading across the rim s of Character Jug s. In 1975 the Company' s new

Royal Doulton Character Jugs & Toby Jugs, Seated Tobies

Royal Doulton Toby and Character Jugs Collectors Price Guide via Thomas Wentworth ; Royal Doulton Brambly Hedge Figurines Collectors Price Guide by way of Jenny Kendal ; A Comprehensive Price Guide for Royal Doulton. The Antique Trader Royal Doulton Price Guide via Kyle Husfloen comprises 2,500 coloured pictures and greater than 5,000 listings.Royal Doulton Character & Toby Jugs . A Toby Jug depicts a character, regularly famous and most often however now not completely male, wearing clothing associated with the 18th Century and incessantly shown with a drinking glass, a beer jug and/or a snuff-box, giving the impression that the character is relatively drunk.Steve Mullins began gathering Royal Doulton character jugs more than sixty years ago. A life-long pastime, lately the collection numbers over 6,500 character and toby jugs from around the globe. He lives in Evanston, Illinois.The merchandise "ROYAL DOULTON LARGE CHARACTER TOBY JUGS GREAT COMPOSER SERIES COMPLETE SET OF 8″ is in sale since Friday, February 12, 2021. This item is in the category "Collectibles\Decorative Collectibles\Decorative Collectible Brands\Royal Doulton\Character, Toby Jugs". The seller is "randyjan" and is positioned in Suffolk, Virginia.

Royal Doulton Character Jugs & Toby Jugs, Seated Tobies

Doulton Rare in Royal Doulton Character & Toby Jugs for

Shop Devices, Apparel, Books, Music & More. Free Shipping on Qualified Orders.The Royal Doulton - Dickens Character Jugs Collection. In 1922, Miniature figures of Charles Dickens characters have been produced at Royal Doulton's manufacturing facility in Burslem till 1983 and there were variations in ceramic bodies, size and backstamps over the years. Sixteen miniature bone china Dickens figures had been offered to the HN collection in 1922 and they were in accordance with earlier stonewareRoyal Doulton Toby Character Jugs Price/Value Guide Last updated: June 25, 2016 through admin Toby Jugs have been round because the early 18th century. They have been revived by means of Doulton within the 19th century, who developed the speculation into a spread of character jugs.We are the leading broker of present and retired Royal Doulton collectibles in the world. We handle the largest inventory of Royal Doulton collectible figurines, character jugs, Bunnykins, flambé, series ware and art pottery anyplace in the US. In the previous 10 years, we have now added Moorcroft Pottery and Lladró tremendous porcelain to our array of fine collectables.Free Shipping, Orders $99 or More. Get Details and Your Patterns Here

Royal Doulton Character Jugs

Cat#  Name  Issued


Catalog Price Your Price   Character JugsD 6987aAlfred Hitchcock - Handle: white bathe curtain with blue shading1995-97LG5.000.00 D 6644Anne Boleyn1975-90LG5.000.00 PhotoD 6650Anne Boleyn1980-90SM5.000.00 PhotoD 6567Apothecary1963-83LG5.000.00 PhotoD 6574Apothecary1963-83SM.00.90 PhotoD 6581Apothecary1963-83Min.00.40 PhotoD 6441bAramis1968-71LG5.000.00 PhotoD 6454aAramis1968-71SM0.000.00 PhotoD 6588'Ard Of 'Earing1964-67LG00.008.00 PhotoD 6872ARP Warden1991 LESM5.005.50 PhotoD 6208'Arriet1947-60LG0.008.00 PhotoD 6250'Arriet1947-60Min.00.70 PhotoD 6256'Arriet1947-60Ty5.00.50 PhotoD 6249'Arry1947-60Min.00.00 PhotoD 6255'Arry1947-60Ty0.00.00 PhotoD 6678Artful Dodger1982-89Ty.00.10 PhotoD 6439Athos1956-91LG5.000.00 PhotoD 6452Athos1956-91SM.00.00 PhotoD 5824aAuld Mac1940-85SM0.00.00 PhotoD 6253Auld Mac1946-85Min.00.00 PhotoD 6257Auld Mac1946-60Ty5.00.50 PhotoD 6887Auxiliary Fireman1991 LESM5.005.50 PhotoD 6505Bacchus1959-91SM.00.40 PhotoD 6521Bacchus1960-91Min.00.20 PhotoD 6206aBeefeater1953-87LG.00.90 PhotoD 6233aBeefeater1953-87SM.00.20 PhotoD 6233cBeefeater1947-53SM5.001.70 PhotoD 6233eBeefeater1947SM00.0040.00 PhotoD 6251aBeefeater1953-87Min.00.00 PhotoD 6251cBeefeater1947-53Min.00.90 PhotoD 6695Benjamin Franklin1982-89SM5.00.00 PhotoD 6684Bill Sykes1982-89Ty.00.10 PhotoD 6578Blacksmith1963-83SM.00.00 PhotoD 6585Blacksmith1963-83Min.00.20 PhotoD 6858Bonnie Prince Charlie1990-94LG0.000.00 PhotoD 6586Bootmaker1963-83Min.00.00 PhotoD 6896Bowls Player1991-95SM5.00.50 PhotoD 6775The Busker1988-91LG0.00.00 PhotoD 5838bBuzfuz1938-48Mid5.00.50 PhotoD 5842bCap'n Cuttle1938-48Mid5.00.50 PhotoD 6500Capt Ahab1959-84LG0.00.00 PhotoD 6506Capt Ahab1959-84SM.00.40 PhotoD 6522Capt Ahab1960-84Min.00.80 PhotoD 6467Capt Henry Morgan1958-82LG5.000.00 PhotoD 6469Capt Henry Morgan1958-82SM.00.70 PhotoD 6510Capt Henry Morgan1960-82Min.00.60 PhotoD 6597Capt Hook1965-71LG0.000.00 PhotoD 6601Capt Hook1965-71SM5.002.50 PhotoD 6967Captain Bligh - Handle on right side1995-95LG5.000.00 PhotoD 6947Captain Hook - Handle - silver hook and crocodile1994-94LG5.000.00 D 6033The Cardinal1939-60SM.00.40 PhotoD 6258The Cardinal1947-60Ty0.00.00 PhotoD 6692Catherine Howard1984-89SM5.000.00 PhotoD 6643Catherine Of Aragon1975-89LG5.000.00 PhotoD 6657Catherine Of Aragon1981-89SM5.008.00 PhotoD 6114The Cavalier1950-60LG0.00.00 PhotoD 6173The Cavalier1941-60SM.00.80 PhotoD 6901Charles Dickens - LE25001991 LESM5.00.50 PhotoD 6676Charles Dickens 1982-89Ty5.00.30 PhotoD 6817Chelsea Pensioner1989-91LG0.002.00 PhotoD 6891Christopher Columbus1991-CLG5.000.00 PhotoD 6322The Clown1951-55LG00.000.00 PhotoD 6834The Clown1989-CLG5.000.00 PhotoD 7003Confucius - LE17501995 LELG0.000.00 PhotoD 6842The Cook And The Cheshire Cat1990-91LG0.000.00 PhotoD 6680David Copperfield1982-89Ty.00.10 PhotoD 7005Dennis and Gnasher1995-CLG0.00.00 PhotoD 5618aDick Turpin1936-60SM.00.80 PhotoD 6128Dick Turpin1940-60Min.00.40 PhotoD 6528Dick Turpin1960-81LG0.00.00 PhotoD 6535Dick Turpin1960-81SM.00.40 PhotoD 6542Dick Turpin1960-81Min.00.20 PhotoD 6375Dick Whittington1953-60LG0.009.00 PhotoD 6455Don Quixote1957-91LG5.00.30 PhotoD 6460Don Quixote1957-91SM.00.70 PhotoD 6511Don Quixote1960-91Min.00.20 PhotoD 6115Drake1940-60LG5.000.00 PhotoD 6174Drake1941-60SM.00.40 PhotoD 6851Earl Mountbatten Of Burma1990 LESM0.00.00 PhotoD 6533The Falconer1960-91LG5.000.00 PhotoD 6540The Falconer1960-91SM.00.40 PhotoD 6547The Falconer1960-91Min.00.40 PhotoD 6287Falstaff1950-95LG5.00.50 PhotoD 6385aFalstaff1950-95SM.00.30 PhotoD 6519Falstaff1960-91Min.00.80 PhotoD 6385bFalstaff - Table Lighter1958-73SM5.00.50 PhotoD 5788cFarmer John1938-60LG5.00.50 PhotoD 5840aFat Boy1948-60SM5.00.50 PhotoD 5840bFat Boy1938-48Mid0.005.00 PhotoD 6139Fat Boy1940-60Min.00.60 PhotoD 6142Fat Boy1940-60Ty.00.90 PhotoD 6908Field Marshall Montgomery1992 LELG5.000.00 PhotoD 6497The Fortune Teller1959-67LG0.000.00 PhotoD 6503The Fortune Teller1959-67SM5.005.50 PhotoD 6577Gaoler1963-83SM.00.00 PhotoD 6584Gaoler1963-83Min.00.20 PhotoD 6630The Gardener1971-71LG5.009.00 PhotoD 6638The Gardener1973-81Min0.00.00 PhotoD 6868The Gardener1990-95SM0.00.00 PhotoD 6669bGeorge Washington1989-89LG5.002.00 PhotoD 6733Geronimo1985-89Mid0.004.00 PhotoD 6553Gladiator1967-67SM0.009.00 PhotoD 6556Gladiator1961-67Min0.006.00 PhotoD 6623Golfer1971-95LG5.00.00 PhotoD 6756Golfer1987-90SM.00.50 PhotoD 6592Gondolier1964-69SM5.009.50 PhotoD 6595Gondolier1964-69Min0.009.00 PhotoD 6531Gone Away1960-82LG5.00.00 PhotoD 6538Gone Away1960-82SM.00.80 PhotoD 6545Gone Away1960-82Min.00.80 PhotoD 5521aGranny1941-83LG.00.00 PhotoD 6384Granny1935-?SM.00.00 PhotoD 6520Granny1960-83Min.00.00 PhotoD 6568Guardsman1963-83LG0.000.00 PhotoD 6575Guardsman1963-83SM.00.60 PhotoD 6582Guardsman1963-83Min5.000.00 PhotoD 6771The Guardsman1987-CSM.00.00 PhotoD 6560Gulliver1962-67LG0.002.00 PhotoD 6563Gulliver1962-67SM0.006.00 PhotoD 6566Gulliver1962-67Min0.006.00 PhotoD 6580Gunsmith1963-83SM.00.00 PhotoD 6587Gunsmith1963-83Min.00.00 PhotoD 6672Hamlet1982-89LG5.00.50 PhotoD 6739The Hampshire Cricketer1985 LESM0.00.00 PhotoD 7068Harold Dennis "Dickie Bird" MBE1996 LESM5.000.00 PhotoD 6671cHenry V1982-84LG5.000.00 PhotoD 6642Henry VIII1975-CLG0.00.00 PhotoD 6647Henry VIII1979-CSM.00.60 PhotoD 6886Home Guard1991 LESM5.005.50 PhotoD 6404aIzaak Walton1953-82LG5.00.30 PhotoD 6288Jarge1950-60LG5.005.50 PhotoD 6295Jarge1950-60SM0.004.00 PhotoD 5327bJohn Barleycorn1978 LELG5.006.80 PhotoD 6041aJohn BarleycornUnknownMin.00.90 PhotoD 6041bJohn Barleycorn1939-60Min.00.50 PhotoD 6780John Barleycorn1988 LEMid0.009.00 PhotoD 6656aJohn Doulton1981-94SM.00.10 PhotoD 6656bJohn Doulton1980-82SM.00.50 PhotoD 5612bJohn Peel1936-60LG0.00.00 PhotoD 5731bJohn Peel1937-60SM.00.40 PhotoD 6130aJohn Peel1940-60Min.00.70 PhotoD 6130bJohn Peel1940-60Min.00.70 PhotoD 6259John Peel1947-60Ty5.002.00 PhotoD 6880John Shorter1991 LESM0.008.00 PhotoD 6835The Juggler1989-91LG5.00.50 PhotoD 6822King Philip of Spain1988 LESM0.008.00 PhotoD 6504The Lawyer1959-96SM.00.70 PhotoD 6524The Lawyer1960-91Min.00.00 PhotoD 6819Little Mester Museum Piece1988 LELG0.00.00 PhotoD 6617Lobster Man1968-91LG5.00.50 PhotoD 6620Lobster Man1968-91SM.00.80 PhotoD 6652Lobster Man1980-91Min.00.00 PhotoD 6783Lobster Man1987-89LG0.000.00 PhotoD 6744aThe London Bobby1987-01LG5.000.00 PhotoD 6335Long John Silver1952-98LG0.00.00 PhotoD 6386bLong John Silver1952-98SM.00.70 PhotoD 6864Lord Mayor of London1990-91LG5.00.50 PhotoD 6336aLord Nelson1952-69LG5.008.80 PhotoD 6613Lumberjack1967-82SM.00.80 PhotoD 6667Macbeth1981-81LG5.006.00 PhotoD 6598Mad Hatter1965-83LG5.001.50 PhotoD 6602Mad Hatter1965-83SM5.000.00 PhotoD 6606Mad Hatter1965-83Min0.00.00 PhotoD 6790Mad Hatter1987 LESM5.002.50 PhotoD 6688aMae West1983-86LG5.00.50 PhotoD 5757aMephistopheles1937-48LG00.0075.00 PhotoD 5758bMephistopheles1937-48SM00.004.00 PhotoD 6529Merlin1960-98LG5.00.00 PhotoD 6536Merlin1960-98SM.00.00 PhotoD 6543Merlin1960-91Min.00.00 PhotoD 6808Michael Doulton1988-89SM.00.50 PhotoD 6507The Mikado1959-69SM0.002.00 PhotoD 6525The Mikado1960-69Min5.008.80 PhotoD 6470Mine Host1958-82SM.00.80 PhotoD 6513Mine Host1960-82Min.00.20 PhotoD 6202aMonty1954-91LG0.00.00 PhotoD 6686Mr. Bumble1982-89Ty.00.70 PhotoD 6138Mr. Micawber1940-60Min.00.50 PhotoD 6143Mr. Micawber1940-60Ty.00.50 PhotoD 5839bMr. Pickwick1938-48Mid0.00.00 PhotoD 6260Mr. Pickwick1947-60Ty0.008.00 PhotoD 6687Mrs. Bardell1982-86Ty.00.10 PhotoD 6941Napoleon1993 LELG0.002.00 PhotoD 6963Nelson1994-95SM0.008.00 PhotoD 6548Neptune1961-91LG5.00.50 PhotoD 6552Neptune1961-91SM.00.80 PhotoD 6555Neptune1961-91Min.00.60 PhotoD 6569Night Watchman1963-83LG0.000.00 PhotoD 6576Night Watchman1963-83SM0.00.00 PhotoD 6583Night Watchman1963-83Min.00.00 PhotoD 6611ANorth American Indian1967-91LG5.000.00 PhotoD 6614North American Indian1967-91SM.00.10 PhotoD 6665North American Indian1981-91Min.00.20 PhotoD 5420Old Charley1934-83LG.00.90 PhotoD 5527aOld Charley1935-83SM.00.40 PhotoD 6046Old Charley1939-83Min.00.40 PhotoD 6144Old Charley1940-60Ty.00.50 PhotoD 6036Old King Cole1938-39LG0.005.00 PhotoD 6037Old King Cole1938-39SM0.00.00 PhotoD 6871Old King Cole1990-90Ty5.00.50 PhotoD 6551Old Salt1961-CLG5.000.00 PhotoD 6554Old Salt1961-CSM.00.60 PhotoD 6677Oliver Twist1982-89Ty.00.10 PhotoD 6673Othello1982-89LG5.00.50 PhotoD 5768Paddy1937-60SM.00.40 PhotoD 6042Paddy1939-60Min.00.30 PhotoD 6145Paddy1940-60Ty.00.50 PhotoD 5529aParson Brown1935-60SM.00.20 PhotoD 6760Pearly King1987-91LG5.006.80 PhotoD 6844Pearly King1987-91SM5.000.00 PhotoD 6759Pearly Queen1987-91LG5.006.80 PhotoD 6403Pied Piper1954-81LG5.00.30 PhotoD 6462Pied Piper1957-81SM.00.90 PhotoD 6514Pied Piper1960-81Min.00.80 PhotoD 6429The Poacher1955-95LG5.000.00 PhotoD 6464The Poacher1957-95SM.00.70 PhotoD 6515The Poacher1960-91Min.00.40 PhotoD 6440aPorthos1956-91LG5.000.00 PhotoD 6453aaPorthos1956-70SM.00.00 PhotoD 6593Punch and Judy Man1964-69SM0.006.00 PhotoD 6821Queen Elizabeth I1988 LESM0.002.00 PhotoD 6788Queen Victoria1988 LELG0.002.50 PhotoD 6913Queen Victoria1992 LESM0.002.00 PhotoD 6562Regency Beau1962-67SM0.004.00 PhotoD 6565Regency Beau1962-67Min5.009.30 PhotoD 6863aThe Ringmaster1991-93LG0.005.00 PhotoD 6438Rip Van Winkle1955-95LG5.00.00 PhotoD 6463Rip Van Winkle1957-95SM.00.00 PhotoD 6517Rip Van Winkle1960-91Min.00.00 PhotoD 6234Robin Hood1947-60SM.00.20 PhotoD 6252Robin Hood1947-60Min.00.40 PhotoD 6527Robin Hood1960-92LG5.000.00 PhotoD 6534Robin Hood1960-92SM.00.10 PhotoD 6541Robin Hood1960-91Min.00.00 PhotoD 6532bRobinson Crusoe1960-82LG0.008.00 PhotoD 6539Robinson Crusoe1960-82SM0.00.00 PhotoD 6539bRobinson Crusoe1960-82SM5.00.50 PhotoD 6546Robinson Crusoe1960-82Min.00.00 PhotoD 6546bRobinson Crusoe1960-82Min0.00.00 PhotoD 6670Romeo1981-81LG0.00.00 PhotoD 6875The Sailor1991-96SM0.00.00 PhotoD 5528aSairey Gamp1935-86SM.00.60 PhotoD 6045Sairey Gamp1939-86Min.00.40 PhotoD 6146Sairey Gamp1940-60Ty.00.70 PhotoD 6296Sam Johnson1950-60SM0.008.00 PhotoD 6140Sam Weller1940-60Min.00.60 PhotoD 6147Sam Weller1940-60Ty.00.60 PhotoD 6787bSamson and Delilah1988 LELG0.00.00 PhotoD 6456aSancho Panca1957-83LG5.00.30 PhotoD 6461bSancho Panca1957-70SM.00.00 PhotoD 6518aSancho Panca1960-83Min.00.60 PhotoD 6668Santa Claus1981-81LG5.001.50 PhotoD 6690Santa Claus1983-83LG5.002.50 PhotoD 6704Santa Claus1984-CLG0.000.00 PhotoD 6558Scaramouche1990-94LG0.009.00 PhotoD 6561Scaramouche1962-67SM0.007.00 PhotoD 6564Scaramouche1962-67Min0.004.50 PhotoD 6814Scaramouche1988-91LG0.008.00 PhotoD 6938Shakespeare1993-CSM5.00.50 PhotoD 6374Simple Simon1953-60LG0.004.00 PhotoD 6703Sir Henry Doulton1984-84SM0.00.00 PhotoD 6921Sir Henry Doulton / Michael Doulton1992 LESM.00.50 PhotoD 6792Sir Thomas More1988-91LG5.007.80 PhotoD 6631The Sleuth1973-96LG5.000.00 PhotoD 6639The Sleuth1973-91Min.00.20 PhotoD 6773The Sleuth1987 LESM5.001.50 PhotoD 6616Smuggler1968-81LG5.000.00 PhotoD 6879The Snooker Player1991-95SM0.00.00 PhotoD 6618St. George1968-75LG5.008.50 PhotoD 6621St. George1968-75SM5.001.50 PhotoD 6632Tam O'Shanter1973-80LG0.00.00 PhotoD 6636Tam O'Shanter1973-80SM.00.90 PhotoD 6640Tam O'Shanter1973-80Min.00.00 PhotoD 7022Tchaikovsky1996-CLG0.000.00 PhotoD 5737bToby Philpots1952-69SM.00.10 PhotoD 5737cToby Philpots1937-51SM.00.10 PhotoD 6043aToby Philpots1937-51Min.00.50 PhotoD 5530aTony Weller1936-60SM.00.00 PhotoD 5531bTony Weller1936-42ExLG5.005.50 PhotoD 6044Tony Weller1939-60Min.00.50 PhotoD 5613Touchstone1936-60LG0.002.00 PhotoD 6530Town Crier1960-73LG5.000.00 PhotoD 6537Town Crier1960-73SM5.00.50 PhotoD 6544Town Crier1960-73Min5.000.00 PhotoD 6612The Trapper1067-83SM.00.70 PhotoD 6599Ugly Duchess1965-73LG0.000.00 PhotoD 6603Ugly Duchess1965-73SM0.009.00 PhotoD 6607Ugly Duchess1965-73Min0.009.00 PhotoD 6682Uriah Heep1982-89Ty.00.10 PhotoD 6633Veteran Motorist1973-83LG0.00.00 PhotoD 6637Veteran Motorist1973-83SM.00.90 PhotoD 6641Veteran Motorist1973-83Min.00.80 PhotoD 5615Vicar Of Bray1936-60LG0.002.50 PhotoD 6932Vice Admiral Lord Nelson1993-93LG0.000.00 PhotoD 6526Viking1960-75Min0.00.00 PhotoD 6850Viscount Montgomery Of Alamein1990 LESM5.00.50 PhotoD 6674aW. C. Fields1983-86LG0.005.00 PhotoD 6600The Walrus and Carpenter1965-80LG5.001.50 PhotoD 6604The Walrus and Carpenter1965-80SM5.00.00 PhotoD 6608The Walrus and Carpenter1965-80Min5.00.00 PhotoD 6909The Wizard1992-CSM0.000.00 PhotoD 6622Yachtsman1971-80LG5.00.50 PhotoD 6820aYachtsman1989-91LG5.00.50 PhotoD 6820bYachtsman1988 LELG0.004.00 PhotoCharacter Jug SetsD 6676aCharles Dickens Commemorative Set - Set of 12 with stand D6676 via D66871982-89Ty0.006.00 Photo

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